‘The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart’: Natascha Believes Trevor Is a ‘Pro’ at Manipulation

The drama is heating up on The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart. That’s because Natascha Bessez went on the show and confronted Trevor Holmes for cheating on his ex. Find out why she called him a pro at manipulation and more.

Nastascha called out Trevor on ‘The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart’

Natascha joined the house in “Week 2.” There she revealed her connection to Trevor.

“I actually know him ’cause I’m friends with his ex,” she told the group. “And I’ve heard all the things.” The former Miss New York Teen USA said she was told about all of his “indiscretions” that led to their breakup.

Trevor did tell Jamie Gabrielle that he stayed in a previous relationship longer than he should have and it ended up hurting her. They returned to the house after their date and Natascha confronted Trevor immediately.

“She told me that you lied to her and that you cheated on her,” Natascha told Trevor. “Honestly when I found out you were part of this house I was like ‘What the f*ck?’ I was like ‘This dude broke my up with my girlfriend like a year ago and all of a sudden he’s a changed man?'”

Trevor made sure to note the breakup was a year and a half ago. “I never physically cheated on her just so you know,” he said. “You know we were together two and a half years, right? I was unhappy. I should have left sooner, right? I ended up like emotionally cheating on her.”

Jamie stayed with Trevor

Jamie and Trevor on 'The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart'
Jamie and Trevor on ‘The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart’ | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Jamie seemed devastated to find out Trevor has cheated in a past relationship. However, she later stayed with him.

“There was some emotional cheating and she found some text messages with another girl,” he told Jamie. “I didn’t physically cheat. Nothing happened like that but it was still wrong obviously,” he later said.

Jamie said cheating is a dealbreaker for her. But she didn’t want to end their connection over something he did almost two years ago.

Natascha said he is a pro at manipulation

The contestant talked about confronting Trevor on the show. She still doesn’t seem to trust him and explained why she did it.

“I think when you really care about women that have been betrayed and hurt in the past, it kind of strikes a chord with you, because I feel like it’s happened to all of us,” she told Us Weekly. “I feel like you wouldn’t want that to happen to your sister or your best friend. It’s just, like, if you see a burglary happening, you call 911. It’s like one of those things.”

Natascha then talked about how she felt about her friend. “I care for her deeply, and she is just a strong, smart woman and it’s just crazy to me how women that are together with it and are aware of things can be so easily manipulated by someone who is just like a pro at it,” she said. “This guy is a pro at it and it’s just crazy to me how he can come on a show like this, being, like, ‘I’m looking for the love of my life and to settle down,’ when it’s like, ‘Dude, you’ve been doing this consistently.'”

Fans will have to wait and see if Trevor’s time will ever be up before the finale. Right now his connection with Jamie seems pretty strong.