‘The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart’: Savannah Says She ‘Had a Hard Time Figuring out What [Julia’s] Motivation Was’ in Their Confrontation

On Monday’s episode of The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart, everything changed. Now, only couples remain and they’re performing and competing against each other while being judged on their romantic and musical connections.

Brandon and Savannah | John Fleenor via Getty Images
Brandon and Savannah | John Fleenor via Getty Images

When the episode began, Brandon Mills was still deciding who he wanted to pursue a romantic relationship with: Savannah McKinley or Julia Rae. In the end, he decided to move forward with Savannah and Julia paired up with Sheridan Reed.

Julia confronts Savannah about Brandon

Julia’s been torn between Sheridan and Brandon since the season first began. After Brandon chose Savannah for good, she decided to sit down with Savannah and confront her about her connection with Brandon. Julia felt they were inauthentic.

In an interview with the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Savannah said that she still doesn’t know what Julia was trying to get at by sitting her down.

“I think Julia is just really strong. I think Julia is highly motivated, I think maybe opinionated in the way that she comes across can seem a little aggressive. And so that conversation literally brings me back and like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ Because I know her intention probably wasn’t necessarily to attack me but I also had a hard time figuring out what her motivation was,” she said.

No resolution

When Julia sat Savannah down, Savannah says she tried to figure out the root of the issue so they could come to a resolution.

“Based on what she says, I don’t think there was any intention of a resolve. It was just, ‘I think you are this way period.’ And I was like, ‘I’m not really sure what to do with that,'” she said.

Savannah says she didn’t want to “come off as hateful and rude,” she wanted to find a solution. But it didn’t seem like there was one.

“When she started it that way I was like, ‘OK look, I can tell you’re highly emotional about this, I can tell that your feelings are very strong.’ So I never wanted to come off as hateful or rude. I really just knew that this does mean something to you so let’s navigate around this so we can come to a conclusion,” she said.

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Here’s something I’ve learned this week: Things are bound to happen in life that are out of your control- whether it’s a tornado ripping through your hometown, a global pandemic affecting our world, life-changing opportunities for the year being put on pause or having your character blatantly attacked on national television.. sure, each are drastically different circumstances but the common human response to fight for control in light of each remains. I have personally struggled with anxiety throughout my life, finding myself completely overtaken by worrying about things that are completely out of my control as if by letting fear consume me everything will just get better. (When has that EVER worked?) On a bad day, it’ll take over my mind and my body to the point of feeling dizzy and zapping all of my energy.. but on a good day, on a healthy day, I surrender my feelings to the Lord and ask Him to show me what I am to do in light of uncertainty. Let me tell you, there is a peace and a calm that comes when you give your control to the One who has it in full. But it’s only when you’ve let go of that white-knuckled grip on a giant far too big to beat that you’ll be able to see the good in all things, respond with kindness to any circumstance and be light in dark places. But I’ve never gotten to that place by worrying or trying to control an outcome, opinions of others, invisible germs or an entire world. So my reminder is this: take a second today to breathe. Give yourself grace. Take a few moments to pray, meditate, or whatever it is that helps you stay grounded and get your heart in the right place. And decide how you’re going to face your day, no matter the amount of uncertainties that may be awaiting for you. And remember that controlling uncontrollable circumstances is an impossible task far too great for your little self, so handle what’s yours and just let the rest go.

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Host Rachel Lindsay asked Savannah if she feels they came to a conclusion.

“No,” she responded.

When host Becca Kufrin asked Savannah if she really felt like Julia was over Brandon as she said she was, she responded: “No, not at all. But if you have absolutely no emotional investment in what the subject is, it wouldn’t even be a topic of discussion.”

Lindsay said if she had been in Savannah’s situation, she would have handled things a little differently.

“If that were me and she said, ‘I wanted to go home because of you,’ I would have said, ‘Do you need me to help you pack?'” said Lindsay

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