‘The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart’: Why Tyler Cameron Says Sheridan Reed Is the Dylan Barbour of This Season

We’re only two episodes into The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart and already Bachelor Nation is picking their favorites and drawing parallels between the newcomer musicians and other franchise alums.

Hannah Brown’s Bachelorette runner-up Tyler Cameron has been live-tweeting as he watches Listen to Your Heart. He has two clear favorites so far: Ryan Neal and Sheridan Reed.

Sheridan Reed and Julia Rae | John Fleenor via Getty Images
Sheridan Reed and Julia Rae | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Who is Sheridan Reed of ‘The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart’?

Sheridan’s ABC bio says he “started a band when he was 16 and won a local battle of the bands competition,” his car’s name is Sheila, and “he only uses microfiber towels on his hair to keep his curls looking lush.”

Additionally: “Aside from playing guitar and working on his vocals, Sheridan enjoys reading about social sciences and diving into holistic remedies. But when it comes to music, Sheridan doesn’t play around. Sheridan puts the work in to make his dreams come true by living out of his car during self-funded tours across the country. He’s dedicated to love just as much as he’s dedicated to music: All he needs is someone to share the driver’s seat with. He may even let her control the radio!”

Ever since night one, Sheridan has had his eye on Julia Rae. Julia gave her first rose to Sheridan, but she’s also interested in contestant Brandon Mills.

Sheridan is Dylan, Julia is Hannah G., and Brandon is Blake

The love triangle has some fans comparing the situation to Dylan Barbour, Blake Horstmann, and Hannah Godwin on Bachelor in Paradise last season.

Tyler C. tweeted that he wishes: “@therealDBcoop could have coached up Sheridan before going on the show. Got to stay persistent Sheridan! Believe in the hair!”

Dylan replied: “It’s all In the hair.”

Perhaps Tyler thinks Sheridan needs to slow-play things with Julia a little more.

“Sheridan is making it Facebook official tonight!” Tyler wrote of Sheridan’s enthusiasm.

Sheridan said in the second episode that he feels like Julia is someone who normally wouldn’t give him the time of day. Tyler doesn’t think he should sell himself short! “Believe in the hair!”

Still, he was glad to see that Sheridan scored a kiss from Julia during their date.

“Sheridan got a kiss, that’s a better sign. I thought he was going to get friend zoned,” he wrote.

But as the episode went on, Julia struggled more and more with her feelings for Brandon. Though Tyler likes Sheridan, he doesn’t see a problem with Julia following her heart.

“You have to respect Julia for that,” he tweeted.

As Bachelor Nation knows, things worked out for Dylan and Hannah G. Today, they’re happily engaged. We’ll have to wait and see what transpires between Sheridan and Julia. Tyler told a fan that he doesn’t “think it’s over” between the musicians.

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