‘The Bachelor’: Madison Prewett Wishes She Would Have Apologized to Peter Weber’s Mom

Peter Weber is currently dating Kelley Flanagan from his season of The Bachelor. But as Bachelor Nation isn’t soon to forget, he ended his season finale sitting next to Madison Prewett with the intention of seeing if they could make a relationship work.

Madison Prewett and Peter Weber on 'The Bachelor'
Madison Prewett and Peter Weber | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Fans will remember the tense, awkward relationship between Peter Weber’s mom, Barbara (known as Barb by fans), and Prewett. Barb expressed that she was upset with Prewett because she made their family wait three hours to meet her in Australia and never apologized. She also felt that Prewett wasn’t a good fit for her son.

Madison Prewett thinks she should have apologized to Barb

In an interview with Kaitlyn Bristowe on her podcast, Off the Vine, Prewett said, if she could go back, she would have apologized to Barb.

“Honestly, if I could go back, that’s the one thing I wish that I would’ve just apologized and been apologetic in that moment. I think I was so taken aback and I was so hurt by the things that were being said to me in this time that was so beautiful for me and Peter. We had just been through this entire season, we had overcome so much to be here and we’re trying to fight so hard,” she said.

Prewett said, after the finale, she “never cried harder in [her] life.”

“I was so upset. It’s the person that I loves mom and family… I wish that I would’ve been able to process it a little bit faster and just be able to say, ‘You know what? I’m so sorry if there’s anything I did that I upset you or offended you made you feel the way that you feel. That was obviously never my intention,'” she said.

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Prewett says she knows that Australia is where her relationship with Barb went awry.

“I think what really upset her was just that time that they sat and waited in the house while Peter and I were trying to figure our situation out. Honestly, all I can say to that is again, I am sorry and I can’t imagine flying halfway across the world and you have an expectation of what that week is going to look like for your son and then you’re in the house waiting for three hours. So I apologize,” she said.

Madison Prewett says she wasn’t trying to win over Peter Weber’s family

Prewett says she didn’t come into that conversation thinking about winning over Weber’s family (which Barb noted stuck out to her), she came in thinking about if she wanted to continue being with Peter at all.

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“I came into that not knowing if Peter and I were going to make it past that conversation… To be frank and not to be disrespectful to anyone, but I wasn’t concerned about my family, his family or anybody else involved. In that moment my only focus was on Peter and I and figuring out can we move forward? Is it worth fighting for? Can we move past everything that’s happened and figure this out?” she said.

Fortunately for everyone, Peter is now with Flanagan and Barb is fully supportive, even thrilled.

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