‘The Bachelor’: Matt James Revealed He Built Jell-O Pools and Worked Out Prior To Season 25

Matt James from The Bachelor had a playful summer, spending it with the “quarantine crew” in Florida.

Matt James
Matt James |Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

James spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet in April, playing coy about the possibility that he was the newest Bachelor but dishing about some of the wild and crazy antics he, Tyler Cameron, and others were up to at their Florida crib.

“Having friends who are willing to open up their homes to people in such a crazy time we’re in, I’m fortunate enough to be down here [in Florida] in warm weather and generally out of harm’s way in terms of what everyone’s doing with the virus,” he said in April, which were the early days of the national lockdown.

Matt James says it was easy to ‘get creative’ at home

James’ Instagram was filled with aspirational photos of homemade obstacle courses and daring stunts. “Improvise, adapt, overcome,” he wrote on an Instagram video where he and Cameron skateboarded inside a giant plastic wave they built in the front yard of their Florida rental.

In a video Cameron shared, he’s seen skimboarding through a puddle and then wiping out. “Swipe to see what happens when it rains a ton and I have too much time on my hands,” he wrote.

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“We just find things around the house and try to get creative,” much to everyone’s detriment, James joked. “We just ordered a bunch of inflatable pools so we’ve got 30 small pools we’re going to fill up [with Jell-O and pudding] eventually. Amazon has been a very big partner in what we’re doing, having their site open, and being able to order things that we don’t need.”

Matt James also got in shape by balancing quarantine food binges with exercise

James told Showbiz Cheat Sheet he and his friends partook in the typical junk food binges everyone indulged in during quarantine. But he didn’t want to completely let his health go either so he balanced intense workouts with his food intake.

He hosted a segment on the NEOU’s 12-hour Fit-A-Thon fundraiser in April that pushed him to the brink. He tried a high-intensity interval training segment and shared that type of workout wasn’t part of his typical routine.

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“But I wanted to push myself to the brink. Is it my standard workout? No, but we’ll be talking a lot of junk and I hope we’ll raise a bunch of money,” he remarked. The Fit-A-Thon was launched to provide meals to the frontline workers in New York City, which was the hardest hit by COVID-19 (coronavirus) at the time.

Clearly, the workouts kept James at his best as he started filming in August. Reality Steve leaked the news on Twitter that season 25 was underway. “(SPOILER): Might not be ‘Bachelorette,’ but got some Matt James ‘Bachelor’ filming news,” he tweeted in August. “His season will be filmed at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in PA, beginning end of Sept. Same place they stayed in ep 4 of JoJo’s season. The one where Bad Chad got eliminated on his 2-on-1.