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Fans have already been loving the connection between Matt James and Michelle Young on The Bachelor this season. The two have had a one-on-one date in her first episode, and even though she was brought onto the show late, she is already favored as a frontrunner on the season. However, Reddit fans noticed that Young quoted something that James had tweeted prior to filming. They’re now wondering if Young planned the reference — read on to find out more.

Michelle Young and Matt James both quoted Maya Angelou
Michelle Young and Matt James on ‘The Bachelor’ | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

Who is Michelle Young?

Young is a 27-year-old schoolteacher from Minnesota who is currently competing for James’ heart on The Bachelor. She and James instantly had sparks flying between them, and fans picked up on their obvious attraction toward one another from the start.

Unlike other “OG” contestants on the show, Young was brought onto the season late. She was introduced in the Jan. 18 episode along with four other women to take a “love journey” with James.

Young stood out among the rest, and James invited her to have a one-on-one date, in which their connection could be developed further. While on the date, Young quoted Maya Angelou (which the BBC reported was actually misattributed), and James recognized the quote instantly.

Michelle Young might have quoted Matt James’ tweet on their first date

On her first one-on-one date with James, Young spoke about her passion for education and helping kids grow and learn. Her work with children is something she has in common with James, who hosts nutrition and fitness tours for underprivileged children in New York City.

“I don’t want to just pass the time, I want to make a change so when I’m not here anymore, I impacted people,” Young said while on her date with James, then quoting, “‘People don’t necessarily always remember what you say, but they remember how you made them feel.'”

This prompted James to ask if she was quoting Maya Angelou. Young responded by saying she was “impressed” that he recognized the quote.

“That’s one of my favorite quotes,” James replied.

Redditers saw Matt James quoted this on Twitter before filming


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People on Reddit began speculating that Young might have seen James tweet the quote prior to going on his season of The Bachelor. James tweeted the quote on June 11, 2020, which was before production for the season started.

“Teachers know how to do research,” one fan commented.

“Maybe she did [look at his Twitter], but she seems educated enough to be familiar with Maya Angelou,” another user weighed in.

Someone else wrote: “This is a very common quote,” they said. “But yes she probably stalked his Twitter.”

The original poster of the thread also commented: “I just want to clarify this is just in good fun! I would stalk his Twitter too if I was going on the show!”

Whether or not Young checked out James’ Twitter account before filming, the quote she referenced on the date is a well-known (perhaps fake) quote. If you simply Google “Maya Angelou quotes,” the one Young said is the first one to come up. What likely happened is simply both Young and James like the quote.