‘The Bachelor’: Is Mykenna Dorn Friends With Kaitlyn Bristowe?

Kaitlyn Bristowe is one of the most beloved bachelorettes to ever come out of the franchise. She was a fan-favorite on  Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor and continued to win fans over with her larger-than-life personality as the female lead. She’s a Canadian firecracker who believes in standing up for herself as well as others and Bachelor Nation loves her for it.

Mykenna Dorn | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images
Mykenna Dorn | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

Bachelor Nation only just met fellow Canadian Mykenna Dorn. She’s starring on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, and feeling lots of feelings. She’s known by fans as the contestant who makes a lot of creative facial expressions–during last night’s episode, she even worked in some extensive tongue action, which was new for her. Lately, she’s been frustrated that all of the house “drama” has taken away from her getting to know Weber on a deeper level.

So do Bristowe and Dorn know each other?

It looks like Kaitlyn Bristowe and Mykenna Dorn are friends

Before Weber’s season began, Bristowe took to Instagram to wish the pilot luck. She also wrote that one of her friends was participating in his season.

“Good luck, @pilot_pete we are all rooting for you. Unless you break my friends heart. She’s on your season. Then you will have me to deal with 💪🏼 (jk),” she wrote.

“Thanks Kaitlyn! Who was your friend??” responded Weber.

Bristowe never responded but fans let the pilot know they believe Bristowe was referring to Dorn.

“Maybe @mykennajean,” wrote one fan.

“I think so! She follows her,” responded another.

“sounds right ! She’s a BC girl as well!” added another.

Then, over the weekend, Bristowe and Dorn hung out together in Nashville. Bristowe posted a blurry photo of the two of them and wrote: “One of our better photos @mykennajean.”

While they were together, one fan noticed that while Bristowe was spending time with Dorn, Weber was hanging out with Jason Tartick, the former bachelorette’s boyfriend.

“Hmm last night Jason was with Pete… and Kaitlin was with MyKenna..” they tweeted.

Despite the coincidence, the way things are going, Weber most likely won’t end up with Dorn. But fans are already saying she and her facial expressions will be great in Paradise.

“Mykenna is going to THRIVE on bachelor in paradise,” tweeted one fan.

Hannah Ann is friends with Hannah Godwin

Dorn isn’t the only one who’s friends with someone from Bachelor Nation. Hannah Ann Sluss is good friends with Hannah Godwin from Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor and last year’s Bachelor in Paradise where she got engaged to Dylan Barbour.

They’ve been featured on each other’s Instagrams since 2018. It appears they’ve done some modeling together, but they have non-professional shots of them just hanging out as well.

According to host Chris Harrison, Godwin actually referred Hannah Ann to producers.

Godwin wished her friend good luck on Instagram before the premiere. And, oddly enough, Barbour called out Hannah Ann when the premiere was airing, tweeting that “Hannah ann low key scaring me.”

Could this be a new trend, former Bachelor alums referring their friends?

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