‘The Bachelor’: Nick Viall Says This Contestant of Peter Weber’s Seems Like ‘A Lot’

Former bachelor Nick Viall is still very involved in the franchise. On his podcast, The Viall Files, he often interviews past and present Bachelor stars, and he always tweets his two cents each season. So you can bet your bottom dollar that Viall was active on Twitter during Peter Weber’s season premiere. He had plenty of thoughts.

Nick Viall | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic
Nick Viall | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

He tweeted that “Peters dad is a dilf.”

He thinks Madison Prewett should unquestionably be in the top four.

“If Maddison doesn’t make the top 4, it will be the biggest chock Job since the Falcons blew a 24-3 halftime lead in the Super Bowl.”

And he thinks it was crazy of Weber to send Marissa Gun home.

“Pretty savage move of Peter to come up with a secret handshake with Maurissa and then send her home… also apparently Peter is blind.”

Nick Viall thinks this contestant is the villain and ‘a lot’

But the contestant he tweeted most about during the premiere was Hannah Ann Sluss. Hannah Ann was awarded Weber’s first impression rose. She stole him from other women three times and gifted him a painting she’d done with her dad.

“Hannah Ann seems like a lot. Like I have two first names a lot,” he tweeted.

Of course he commented on the painting.

“Hannah Ann and her dad have been watching a lot of Bob Ross,” Viall tweeted.

And when she got awarded Weber’s first impression rose, Viall called her the season villain.

“That has villain first impression rose written all over it,” he wrote.

Viall’s not alone in his prediction. Plenty of Bachelor Nation are thinking Hannah Ann could end up the season villain.

“Hannah Anne. 23. Model. Solidifies herself as the villain on night one guaranteeing at least six more weeks on the show. Textbook execution,” tweets one fan.

“Hannah Anne is already the villain and we’re an hour and eight minutes in,” writes another.

Could Victoria F. be ‘The Bachelor’ season villain?

Another contestant fans are thinking could be the season villain is Victoria Fuller.

“I cant get over victoria f.’s flirtatious line, D*MN GIRL! and the faake crying, getting drunk on night one too… I think she’s gonna be the most entertaining villain of #TheBachelor,” tweeted one fan.

“Calling it … Victoria F is going to be the villain of the season,” wrote another.

Viall commented on Victoria F. during the premiere as well.

“Victoria’s always gotten every guys attention that she wanted until tonight and I’m here for it,” he tweeted.

We’re sure Viall will continue to weigh in with his thoughts as the season continues. And once the season’s over, we’re sure many of Weber’s contestants will end up on his podcast.

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