‘The Bachelor’: Nick Viall Says ‘The Only Real Villain’ on Peter Weber’s Season Is Victoria P.–Calls Her ‘100% a Liar’

Former bachelor Nick Viall is weighing in on who he thinks Peter Weber’s season villain is after the most recent episode of The Bachelor.

Bachelor Nation will remember that, in addition to the Victoria Fuller/Chase Rice drama, there was a lot of drama surrounding Alayah Benavidez’s return.

Weber sent Alayah home after some of the women accused her of being “fake.” One of those women was Victoria Paul.

Peter Weber and Victoria P. | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images
Peter Weber and Victoria P. | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Weber seems to particularly trust Victoria P.’s judgement so after she had told him she briefly knew Alayah before the show and Alayah had instructed her to lie to producers about them knowing each other, Weber made the call to send Alayah home.

But when Alayah returned to clear her name, Weber asked her to rejoin the house and even gave her the group date rose. What followed was a confusing conversation between Victoria P., Alayah, and Weber.

Where Victoria P. had said she hardly knew Alayah (she told Weber she “spent maybe three hours with her total”), Alayah told Weber they were friends and had even gone to Vegas together. She also said she has the pictures and texts to prove their friendship. Victoria P. became flustered and told Weber he should believe her.

Why Nick Viall thinks Victoria P. is Peter Weber’s season villain

Viall is siding with Alayah on this one and says Victoria P. is the season villain.

The former bachelor spoke about the episode on his podcast, The Viall Files, along with ABC Executive Robert Mills.

“I think the only real villain in this group is Victoria P.” said Viall, “Victoria P. is 100% a liar and you see her get caught in the lie.”

What really bothered Viall is how Victoria P. made Weber feel like the bad guy for not believing her. He feels Victoria P. knew exactly what she was doing.

“I mean, she’s a pro,” he said “Very clever wording by her.” 

Viall might be a little touchy about the interaction because he says Victoria P. reminds him of someone he dated, even suggesting that Victoria P.’s behavior was triggering for him.

“She quickly is just like, ‘Why don’t you trust me?’ And I’m thinking, ‘Cause you’re lying to him,'” he said.

What Bachelor Nation thinks of the Victoria P./Alayah drama

Viall isn’t alone in his Victoria P. analysis. Some of Bachelor Nation felt the nurse was caught in a lie and was acting manipulative.

“victoria p is definitely a liar , she broke down crying clearly trying to manipulate peter & is acting like she has no idea what alayah is taking about. i’m tired of this alayah drama, send them both home,” tweeted one fan.

“Is Victoria P baffled because she doesn’t know how to get out of this lie? She just acknowledged that she went to Vegas with Alayah!” wrote another.

“If Victoria P didn’t lie, then none of this sh*t with Alayah would have happened…and here she is criticizing Peter,” tweeted another fan.

So is Victoria P. the villain of the season? It might be too early to tell, but Nick Viall certainly thinks so.

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