‘The Bachelor’: Patrick Schwarzenegger Explains Why He Was Commenting on Hannah Ann’s Pictures

There is a theory that Hannah Ann Sluss doesn’t get with Peter Weber and is instead moving on with Patrick Schwarzenegger because he commented on her Instagram picture. He has now explained his comment and how he is connected to The Bachelor contestant.

Hannah Ann Sluss is a finalist after a hard hometown date on ‘The Bachelor’

Hannah Ann Sluss on 'The Bachelor'
Hannah Ann Sluss on ‘The Bachelor’ Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

Hannah Ann and Weber had a strong connection from the very beginning. She received the first impression rose this season. The last episode showed hometown dates and Weber went to Knoxville, Tennessee to meet her family.

The pilot didn’t have an easy time with her father. “He’s not just going to give her away to anybody,” Hannah Ann’s mother told Weber. She was right.

Weber told her father that their relationship started off strong and he has a lot of hope that it could work. “I’m actually hoping to tell her this tonight that I am falling in love with her. And I don’t want her to have any doubt about that and I want to let her know,” he said.

Her father told him, “I wasn’t expecting that for you to say that.” He later told Weber, “I would ask you as a father, I would rather you not say that to her unless you truly mean it. And I’m sincere when I say that.”

She still got a rose along with Madison Prewett, and Victoria Fuller. Fans don’t know what will happen next but there are theories.

Patrick Schwarzenegger commented on her photo

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Pucker up its Valentine’s Day

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The contestant posted a picture on Instagram with the caption, “Pucker up its [sic] Valentine’s Day.” Schwarzenegger commented on the photo with “We’re puckered up.”

The ending of the season has yet to be spoiled and the model is one of the final three contestants. Some fans wondered if this meant Weber not only picked someone else, but Hannah Ann is already dating someone new.

This was after there was a theory she actually won. Hannah Ann is friends with former The Bachelor contestant, Hannah Godwin. Godwin comments on her post with “HOTTIE OMG come see me!!!!!!” on Feb. 19. Hannah Ann responded with “@hannahg11 2 more weeks left until I will be living near you!!”

Godwin now lives in L.A., which is where Weber also lives. Fans wondered if this means Hannah Ann is moving to be with the reality star.

However, Schwarzenegger’s comment started another theory. He has now addressed the reason for his comment.

He said she is friends with his girlfriend

There seems to be an innocent reason behind his comment on her post. Schwarzenegger explained their connection to Us Weekly.

“My girlfriend’s friend is on [The Bachelor], Hannah Ann,” he said. His girlfriend is Abby Champion. “People were like, ‘Are you guys dating?’ I’m like, ‘No, it’s just my girlfriend’s good friend,’” he said. “I haven’t watched any of it, but I’m hoping that it’s … I don’t know. I hope she wins! I don’t know if she does!”

That theory about the season’s ending might not be true, but there are many more. Fans will have to wait and see if any of them will become true.