‘The Bachelor’: Chris Harrison Admits That Peter Weber Had an ‘Intimate’ Relationship with a Producer

The plot just keeps on thickening. By now, most people have heard the theory that Peter Weber ends up with one of the producers of The Bachelor. At first, the theory seemed absolutely out of the realm of possibility, but as more facts came to light, it didn’ seem so improbable.

When it comes down to sheer time spent together, certain producers spend a significantly larger amount of time with the lead than the contestants ever do, so it is plausible that feelings could have developed between Weber and producer Julie LaPlaca this season.

Peter Weber and Chris Harrison
Peter Weber and Chris Harrison | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

And now, host Chris Harrison has even admitted that Weber and LaPlaca had an interesting relationship.

Clues that Peter Weber and Julie LaPlaca end up together

This theory really gained traction when one Reddit user decided to do some digging into LaPlaca and Weber’s relationship.

“They spent New Year’s Eve together, with his family,” the user wrote of Weber and LaPlaca. “Check her tagged pics, there’s a pic from his dad with her and their family at dinner.”

“In another tagged photo, a girl that she follows posted a pic of herself and Peter, but tagged Julie. The caption says something about ‘an unexpected ending indeed.’”

“Yet another tagged photo shows her in a Seahawks hat. On Julie’s picture of herself in New York, you can see Peter behind her with his back to the camera, and Hannah B. commented that she ‘approves.’”

Chris Harrison comments on the rumors

Of course, Harrison won’t confirm or deny anything about the end of the season but he did recently post a photo of him, LaPlaca, and Weber together. When asked about it on Access Hollywood, Harrison said the picture was pretty innocent.

“I didn’t mean to do anything other than the fact that we spend a lot of time together, we travel the world together,” Harrison said. “Julie, an amazing, talented, smart producer that works for us works on the show so she’s with Peter and she’s with all of us.”

But he did admit that LaPlaca and Weber were close.

“I’ll just say this, it’s an intimate relationship,” he said. “You spend that much time together, we all get close, so sometimes those lines get blurred.”

Why the producer theory doesn’t make sense

Though so many signs are pointing to Weber and LaPlaca ending up together, Weber choosing her at the end of the season just doesn’t make sense. For one, it wouldn’t give audiences a sense of closure. We have been watching him make bad decisions and chase these women all season. For Weber to just throw all of that away and pick someone who audiences haven’t even seem him interact with would be jarring for viewers.

He also has told all three of his remaining women, Victoria Fuller, Hannah Ann Sluss, and Madison Prewett that he is in love with them. If he truly loved even one of those women, then he wouldn’t blindside them with his secret relationship with LaPlaca.

Plus, there is that scene that has been teased a billion times of Weber’s mom begging him to bring one of the girl’s back. So far, most people think that she is referring to Prewett as his parents met her on their first one-on-one date.

We’ll have to wait a few more weeks to see how the season actually wraps up.