‘The Bachelor’ Fans Are Begging Peter Weber to Move out of His Parents’ Home; ‘Cut the Cord’

The Bachelor 2020 is over and done and Peter Weber is just as single as he was when he first started his journey. After a brief engagement with Hannah Ann Sluss, Weber broke things off with the Knoxville native because he couldn’t give her his whole heart. Soon thereafter, Madison Prewett (who self-eliminated) flew out to LA, at the suggestion of Chris Harrison, to confess her love for Weber.

Peter Weber The Bachelor
Peter Weber | Randy Holmes via Getty Images

Though Weber and Prewett agreed to give their relationship another try during After The Final Rose, it became clear that would be an uphill battle. Just days after The Bachelor finale, the pair announced their decision to mutually split. There were likely many factors that led to this decision (including one conspiracy theory that states they’re both dating other people) but most of Bachelor Nation is convinced that the breakup is due, in large part, to Weber’s mother.

A recap on ‘The Bachelor’ 2020 finale

Throughout The Bachelor finale, Weber’s mother, Barbara Weber, made it clear that she preferred Sluss to Prewett. When asked if she would support her son’s relationship with Prewett she stated that he was going to have to “fail to succeed.” Though Bachelor Nation is split on whether they are Team Barbara or Team Madison, they seem to be in agreement that Weber needs to move out of his parents’ home if he has any hope of finding a lasting love.

Prior to his season of The Bachelor, the 28-year-old revealed that he still lived at home with his parents. Weber seemed to have no qualms about the situation but admitted that, were he to find his wife, he had no plans of moving her in with family. Furthermore, he and Barbara Weber shared that in Cuban culture, living with one’s family was not uncommon. Weber’s mother even added that it was a financially sound choice, seeing as Weber’s job means he’s often traveling.

Fans are begging Peter Weber to move out of his parents’ house

While some people seemed to give Weber the benefit of the doubt at first, now fans of The Bachelor are urging him to move out. Seeing his most recent Instagram, where he reflects on his journey as the bachelor, they felt moving out is the only way he’ll ever have a chance at finding lasting love. “She [Prewett] didn’t stand a chance with your family. Move out…time to cut the cord and be a man,” one fan wrote to Weber.

“If you ever want to have the love of your life, it’s time to LEAVE THE NEST, get your own place before you end up a resentful & bitter man. Get THERAPY to be able to cut the umbilical cord,” another fan of The Bachelor chimed in. Some fans even went so far as to say that Weber had ruined the entire season for them.

Instagram users claim Weber ruined ‘The Bachelor’

“Seriously you need to buy a home and start your adult life. This bachelor season was painful and disturbing. If you want to roam that’s your choice, you’re not ready to settle down. Why oh why did you go on Bachelorette and Bachelor when you only wanted to play. You ruined the season,” one person wrote. While we feel The Bachelor producers may have ruined the season more than Weber did, moving out isn’t the worst idea. With the money he’s made (and will continue to make) from The Bachelor, he can easily afford to move out on his own.