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We’re about halfway through Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor and, so far, he’s been criticized quite a bit by fans for being indecisive–e.g., sending Alayah Benavidez home, bringing her back, and sending her home again.

But Weber cuts himself some slack for his early indecisiveness. It’s hard to date 30 women at once, and he’s considering who he wants to spend the rest of his life with, after all.

Peter Weber and Victoria F. | Francisco Roman via Getty Images
Peter Weber and Victoria F. | Francisco Roman via Getty Images

“I can understand being indecisive, because dating 30 women is not easy and that will never be easy and no one is prepared for that. So, I totally give myself grace for being indecisive in a moment that’s so confusing and so tough,” he told Entertainment Tonight in an interview that went up February 6.  

Peter Weber has been focused on finding his wife

All the drama that’s been taking place between contestants hasn’t made making decisions any easier for Weber. But the pilot didn’t let the arguments bog him down too much because he says he’s always been focused on finding his wife.

“I mean, I will say this — there is obviously a lot of drama going on and a lot of cattiness, but I was someone that I always was looking towards the end goal,” he said. “And I knew what I wanted. Just because the nature of this whole process, you have to keep so many people around… I never got too down and too discouraged because I knew that I was gonna be OK in the end.”

He also told the publication that after week four, his frontrunner did not change.

“I promise you, my frontrunner did not stop changing until about week four,” he said. “How that’s shown, the show does a really good job of entertaining, but I promise you my frontrunner did not change. I’ll leave it at that.”

Who is Peter Weber’s frontrunner?

That’s quite the reveal! Who could Weber’s frontrunner be? Considering what’s going on in the season right now, we have two guesses.

Weber took controversial contestant Victoria Fuller on her second one-on-one during a recent episode. Though on the one-on-one Victoria F. told Weber she wasn’t sure she was cut out for The Bachelor process, she ended up staying and Weber happily gave her a rose. When she was feeling unsure and upset, Weber looked torn apart. Earlier in the date, he told her was “crazy about [her].” So we’re thinking there’s a good chance Victoria F. is Weber’s frontrunner from here on out.

Weber and Madison Prewett also share a special connection. The pilot took Madison on his very first one-on-one where she got to know his parents and the two had a, seemingly, wonderful time together. During a recent episode, after a telenovela-inspired group date, Weber wanted to reenact another telenovela scene with Prewett just the two of them. It was, of course, a steamy romance scene. Their connection seems stronger than ever at this point, so Madison is another possible frontrunner.

Bachelor Nation will have to keep an eye out for Weber’s favorite from this point in the season moving forward because, apparently, she doesn’t change.

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