‘The Bachelor’: Peter Weber Says He ‘Fell For Multiple Women’

Throughout his Bachelor season, Peter Weber has urged his contestants time and time again to “trust the process.” Every bit of it – the jealousy, the house drama, the general discomfort.

Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber | John Fleenor via Getty Images
Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber | John Fleenor via Getty Images

While we’re still not sure if Weber gets engaged at the end of his Bachelor journey (the way he talks about the finale it’s easy to believe he doesn’t), it seems “the process” did indeed work for Weber. In a “Roses and Rose” interview that took place a couple of months ago but only recently aired, Weber reveals he fell for multiple people.

“I had such an insane, such an amazing, group of women. And I fell for multiple people. I did. The last week was the hardest week of my life. And, um, never thought, never pictured it going that way, never imagined it, feeling that way or ending that way. But I’m stronger for it,” he told Entertainment Tonight’s Lauren Zima.

After an answer like that, Zima asked the pilot if he’s OK.

“I can say I am very happy with how everything ended. And I’m excited that there’s a reason no one’s gonna find out the ending. And I’m excited about that,” he said.

Zima also asked Weber if he’s engaged.

“I can say that I am happy,” he responded.

Who does Peter Weber fall for?

Weber says he fell for multiple women. Who could they be?

Madison Prewett is a top contender. She accompanied Weber on his first one-on-one and the two have shared a special connection ever since. At this point in his season, it’s obvious the pilot has strong feelings for her. During the last episode, he brought her another telenovela script to act out just the two of them after the telenovela group date. It was, of course, a romance scene.

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Also during the most recent episode, Weber brought controversial contestant Victoria Fuller on her second one-on-one. During their date, Victoria F. told Weber she didn’t know if she was cut out for the show. Weber told her he’s “crazy about [her].” In the end, she decided to stay and he gave her a rose. It seems like Weber is well on his way to falling for Victoria F.

Weber seems to certainly be smitten with the other women, but they have some catching up to do compared to Madison and Victoria F.

Will Peter Weber get engaged on ‘After the Final Rose?’

So we know Weber’s finale is going to be dramatic, and there’s a good chance he’s single right now. But some fans are predicting he’ll propose to someone during “After the Final Rose.”

When Zima asked him about that during a separate interview he said, “I’ve heard that. Has that ever happened? It’s a good guess.”

She also asked him about the emotional clip of his mom sobbing, telling him to bring someone home. He said that conversation with his mom takes place “in the last week. That last week is insane.”

“It looks like your mom really gets attached to someone,” said Zima.

“You’d think, from that,” he responded.

Some fans are hoping Mrs. Weber is talking about Hannah Brown when he tells her son to “bring her home.”

Brown has only indicated that she’s currently single. We’ll just have to wait and see who Weber’s mom is talking about and if her son gets engaged on “AFR.”

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