‘The Bachelor’: Peter Weber Says Madison Prewett Didn’t Give Him An Ultimatum

Peter Weber‘s season of The Bachelor has been a wild ride. One of the most notable storylines of his season was the ultimatum Madison Prewett gave Weber leading up to Fantasy Suites. But according to Weber, Prewett didn’t give him an ultimatum at all. 

Peter says Madison didn't give an ultimatum
Madison Prewett | Francisco Roman via Getty Images

Madison Prewett’s ultimatum 

Prior to Fantasy Suite week, Prewett had a conversation with Weber about intimacy. Her religious background inspired Prewett to want to save herself for marriage, something she had withheld from Weber up until that point. 

“I don’t think Peter knows how much I’m struggling with moving to the next level of the Fantasy Suites and an engagement,” Prewett said. She went on to explain to Weber how she would struggle if he were to be intimate with the other women during Fantasy Suites: “I can’t keep moving forward and continuing this relationship if I don’t get the clarity and peace and confidence that I need. In no way do I want to give you an ultimatum. But for me, actions speak louder than words.”

While she didn’t outright ask Weber not to sleep with Hannah Ann Sluss or Victoria Fuller, it was implied that’s what she wanted. 

Peter didn’t take that as an ultimatum

Despite the buzz amidst Bachelor Nation, Weber didn’t consider Prewett’s wishes to be an ultimatum. In an interview with People after the conclusion of the “Women Tell All” taping, Weber said: 

I would’ve loved to have had that conversation a little bit sooner, not leading into the week of fantasy suites. But I also don’t fault her at all for what she told me, because I was very clear with all the women from the very first night to please share what’s ever on your heart. Do not hold anything back, and if it’s on your heart, I need to know that. And that’s all that she did. People try to say it’s an ultimatum. It wasn’t. 

Peter Weber, People

Weber explained how appreciative he was to Prewett for being honest about her feelings, despite how late in the game she revealed them. He also admitted seeing the discomfort in Prewett’s face when she came clean, but Weber said he would be a “hypocrite if [he] tried to say that that wasn’t right for her to do that.”

Where do Peter Weber and Madison Prewett stand? 

After Weber admitted to being intimate with the other women, Prewett left the date in tears. With no reassurance from Prewett about whether she could continue in the competition or not, she returned to her hotel room alone. Prewett’s decision left many fans wondering if she would show up for the rose ceremony at the end of the week or if her going was her way of self-eliminating. 

In a surprising turn of events, Prewett arrived at the last minute to receive a rose from Weber. Fuller was sent home, leaving Prewett and Sluss as Weber’s final two. 

With the final rose ceremony coming up and countless teasers for a tear-filled finale, Bachelor Nation is dying to know who Weber will pick in the end. Does he choose Prewett, or are the rumors that he is dating a producer true? The season finale of The Bachelor airs this week. 

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