‘The Bachelor’: Fans Think They Figured Out Peter Weber’s Winner Thanks to Venmo

While the season finale does not air for a few more weeks, fans are still trying to guess the winner of Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. Reality Steve has narrowed down the two women Weber will pick between, but so far no definite spoilers have been released. However, some fans think they have discovered the winner of Weber’s season of The Bachelor thanks to some sleuthing on Venmo. Disclaimer, this article contains spoilers for the current season of The Bachelor.

Peter Weber Bachelor winner
Peter Weber | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

A fan figured out the winner of Colton Underwood’s season of ‘The Bachelor’

Underwood’s season of The Bachelor concluded in March 2019. The show ended with Underwood in a relationship with Cassie Randolph, and the two are still together today. Because the finale airs weeks after filming completes, spoilers often come out about the show’s ending. Most seasons, blogger Reality Steve spoils the ending. However, one fan figured out the ending to Underwood’s season by using Venmo.

“What’s the most psycho thing you did in 2019? I’ll go first! I stalked Colton’s Venmo friends to see who he picked and then I knew who won the Bachelor months before anyone else did,” a fan tweeted.


Underwood was impressed with the fan’s skills.

“Major props to you,” he tweeted.

In a separate tweet, he asked, “What gave it away?”

The fan replied, “Wow this is the most embarrassing moment of my life but you were friends with all the Randolphs. Also ur welcome for the Venmo that one night my friends said I was lying about finding you.”

Reality Steve released who on ‘The Bachelor’ could be the winner of Peter Weber’s season

Spoiler warning: From this point on this article references definite spoilers from Weber’s season of The Bachelor. While Reality Steve has not released the winner of this season of The Bachelor, he has published who the final two women are.

At the start of the season, Reality Steve revealed that Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett are the two possible winners of the season. Currently, the blogger believes he has heard the ending of the show, but he does not feel comfortable sharing the information yet.

“I hear stuff every single day. To be honest with you, I think since this finale filmed back in November, and all the stuff that I’ve heard over the past 2 1/2 months, I’m pretty confident that I’ve heard the ending to Peter’s season,” he said on the Reality Steve Podcast. “The problem is, I don’t know which to believe.”

In a blog post, Reality Steve also acknowledged that things are different with this season of The Bachelor. That’s why it’s been so difficult to figure out the true ending.

“I’m trying to confirm and hopefully that’ll shed light on some things. But the bottom line to all this is whatever happened on final rose ceremony day isn’t over yet, the ‘ending’ of this season hasn’t technically happened yet, and that’s why there’s nothing to spoil as of now,” he wrote.

Fans think they figured out the winner of Peter Weber’s season of ‘The Bachelor’

After fans figured out the winner of Underwood’s season without having to depend on Reality Steve, fans of The Bachelor did the same thing this season. Now fans think they know the winner because of Venmo, but it’s not for the same reason that spoiled Underwood’s season.

After some investigating, fans discovered that Sluss’ Venmo account is private. Meanwhile, every other front runner has returned to having a public account. According to fans, Weber also has a private account. This is most likely to avoid having a repeat of what happened last season with Underwood.

While both accounts are private, fans allege that Sluss and Weber are friends on Venmo.

“I did some detective work last week and Pilot Pete is friends with Hannah Ann on venmo. So I’m calling it that she will be the winner,” a fan tweeted.

If the Venmo theory holds up, then it seems possible that Sluss is indeed the winner of Weber’s season of The Bachelor.