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It’s Fantasy Suites week! First of all, give yourselves a pat on the back for making it this far, because this season has not been easy to watch in the slightest. But Fantasy Suites means that we are right around the corner from finding out who won Peter Weber’s heart. This is the first season where fans have made it to Fantasy Suites without knowing who the winner is, so tonight’s episode will be especially interesting.

Victoria Fuller and Peter Weber
Victoria Fuller and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Besides the element of mystery of this week’s episode, there is another first happening tonight on The Bachelor.

What’s different about the Fantasy Suites this season?

Normally, the women say goodbye to each other after the post-hometown date rose ceremony. They are then kept separate during the Fantasy Suites. This allows them to really focus on their relationships with the lead and less on the drama with one another. But this season, the women are going to continue to live together throughout the Fantasy Suites.

“Apparently, all of us will be living together during Fantasy Suite week,” Victoria Fuller says in a promo for the episode. “So awkward.”

Awkward indeed. Especially because, as everyone knows, the Fantasy Suites are the time that the contestants and the leads usually use to get…intimate.

The women get angry

Dating the same man as your roommates is awkward enough but potentially sleeping with the same man as your roommates is off the charts weird. Of course, the women are going to share what happened on their Fantasy Suite dates with one another when they live together, which is a fact that weighs heavily on the women this week.

“This is a weird position for me to be in,” Madison Prewett says in the promo. “I don’t want to think about Peter being with the other two women.”

It’s especially weird for Prewett, who is saving herself for marriage (despite never telling Weber). This eventually causes Prewett to tell Weber that if he sleeps with the other women she will leave him.

“These are the expectations I have for our relationship,” she says. “I won’t be able to move forward if you have slept with other women.”

Which obviously Victoria Fuller does not agree with.

“[Madison] gave him an ultimatum,” Fuller says in the episode. “Putting him in that position is so unfair. Are you kidding me?”

Fans are loving the change

Though the change was obviously just a ploy to create drama and discord, fans are here for it.

“I’ll admit that I think this season of @BachelorABC is one of the most disappointing ever, but I’m looking forward to seeing how the drama plays out between Peter, Madison, and the Fantasy Suites drama,” one fan tweeted. “Putting the final 3 in the same suite is a recipe for disaster!”

“Hoping that fantasy suites brings us the drama we were promised in hometowns,” another fan wrote.

@BachelorABC is really turning the drama up having ALL THREE girls staying together during fantasy suites???” another person said. “Don’t they know protocol is they only see each other at the rose ceremony.”

Let the drama ensue!