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For the first time in a long time, fans don’t know how The Bachelor ends. Clayton Echard’s season has focused more on the drama between the women than the love connections made. The villain of the season, Shanae Ankneylasted several episodes, which angered several viewers. The show’s focus constantly returned to Shanae and not on the bonds created between Clayton and some of the women. Recently, Reality Steve revealed he doesn’t believe Clayton’s season of The Bachelor ends with a proposal.

[Warning: This article contains spoiler information for Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor.]

'The Bachelor' stars Gabby Windey, Serene Russell, Rachel Recchia, and Susie Evans wait for Clayton Echard to hand out roses.
Gabby Windey, Serene Russell, Rachel Recchia, and Susie Evans | ABC/Craig Sjodin

The final three women in this season of ‘The Bachelor’ are Susie Evans, Gabby Windey, and Rachel Recchia

Reality Steve revealed the final three women for this season of The Bachelor in December 2021. Clayton takes Susie, Gabby, and Rachel into the final three out of the thirty women vying for his heart. Serene Russell left after the hometown dates, even though many saw her as a front runner for Clayton’s final choice.

Clayton bonded with Rachel and Gabby early on in one-on-one dates, but Susie nabbed the first one-on-one of the season. In a recent episode, fans saw Susie and Clayton in the notorious “Pretty Woman Date.” While the two seemed like they were falling in love, Reality Steve doesn’t believe the season ends with Clayton proposing to Susie.

Susie Evans likely eliminates herself from the final three

The next episode of The Bachelor follows Clayton and Susie, Gabby, and Rachel to Iceland. The Fantasy Suite dates occur here as well. In a recent podcast, Reality Steve speculated that Susie chooses to leave on her own.

The reality blogger said, “I don’t think we’re going out on a limb here when we say Susie leaves at the final three at some time during the overnight dates. Because I do know that Susie had the third overnight date, I’m sure what happened on the first two overnight dates is something that probably doesn’t sit well with her, but in terms of how it’s presented – does she storm out? All of this stuff – I think it’s safe to say based on what we’ve been given in the promos. Remember, the promos don’t show us everything and that’s why I don’t want to 100% guarantee that Susie leaves. But, I don’t think we’re going out on a limb to say during the overnight dates, Susie leaves.”


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Reality Steve admits he doesn’t know the reasoning behind Susie Evans’ departure on ‘The Bachelor’

Reality Steve also told fans that he’s not privy to all of the information regarding Susie’s decision to leave. Because the women and Clayton are in Iceland, even if Susie chooses to eliminate herself from the competition, she still wouldn’t return home right away. With more dates to film, Susie must wait until after Clayton makes his decision and fly back with the rest of them. 

Reality Steve continued, “You gotta remember on a final three, the person who gets eliminated at the final three ceremony still stays in that location until that filming is over. So, while Susie might ‘leave’ the show, she didn’t leave Iceland. At any point, they [THE PRODUCERS] could have had Clayton go talk to her, she talks to Clayton. That’s the stuff I don’t know. I do think that she ‘eliminated’ herself from the competition at that point, but that doesn’t mean she leaves forever.”

As for now, it looks like nobody knows just how Clayton’s season of The Bachelor ends. Tune in on Monday nights on ABC to watch the drama unfold.