‘The Bachelor’: Reality Steve Reveals What Happens on the Overnight Dates

Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor is winding down, and the overnight dates will air on Feb. 24. While Reality Steve had already shared spoilers for the episode on his blog, he recently revealed more in-depth spoilers for the episode of The Bachelor on Twitter.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Weber’s season of The Bachelor.]

Peter Weber
Peter Weber | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Reality Steve tweeted details about ‘The Bachelor’ episode

Originally, Reality Steve posted spoilers for Weber’s season of The Bachelor on his blog. On Feb. 22, the blogger started a Twitter thread about spoilers for the overnight dates episode and the “Women Tell All.” The spoilers go more in depth on what fans of The Bachelor should expect on Feb. 24.

“(WTA SPOILERS): This is going to be a long thread since there’s a lot to cover. Before we get to WTA, you have to know what’s coming in Monday’s overnight date episode. It starts where we left off, and that’s Madison pulling Peter aside after he’d eliminated Kelsey,” the blogger tweeted.

He continued, “Madison doesn’t specifically tell him she’s a virgin. Says that if he were to sleep with someone else, it would be really hard for her to move forward in this. Peter says, ‘So what are you saying? If I were to spend the night w/ some1 else, this isn’t something you could do?'”

“Madison responds with, ‘In no way do I want to give you an ultimatum, but actions speak louder than words.’ That’s how it’s left as they head to Australia. All 3 women are living in the same suite in Australia. Hannah Ann’s date is first, then Victoria’s,” Reality Steve wrote on Twitter.

Reality Steve corrects a previous report of ‘The Bachelor’

According to Reality Steve, both Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller are not happy with the way Madison Prewett handles the situation on The Bachelor. In the Twitter thread, he also clarifies a previous report.

“Correction to what I reported 2 weeks ago: Madison DIDN’T find out from Hannah Ann & Victoria first that Peter was intimate with them. I’m pretty sure she suspected it based on their reactions to her telling them she was saving herself, but wasn’t specifically told by them,” he tweeted.

How the episode ends

For fans who love spoilers, Reality Steve’s Twitter thread gives a lot of detail about Prewett and Weber. According to Reality Steve, Prewett brings up that she is saving herself for marriage while they are on their date.

The blogger tweeted, “Madison’s dinner portion w/ Peter is where she tells him she’s saving herself for marriage & she ‘woudn’t be able to say yes to an engagement & move forward if you’ve slept w/ the other women.’ Peter says ‘So you’d throw this all away if something happened w/ the other women?'”

“Madison says she doesn’t want to ask bc she doesn’t feel comfortable, but there’s things she needs to know for herself. Peter then admits he doesn’t want to give details, but he has been intimate with the other women. This is hard on Madison and she gets up from the table,” the thread continues.

“She doesn’t storm off, she just excuses herself. Peter cries at the table, then walks after her. She cries on his shoulder and then the episode ends with them ultimately saying goodnight to each other. So that’s how Monday night’s episode will end,” Reality Steve tweeted.

Apparently, fans will have to wait until the “Women Tell All” to find out what happens at the rose ceremony. Reality Steve wrote in the Twitter thread that Prewett shows up to the rose ceremony “eventually.”

“Her body language isn’t great, but ultimately, Peter sends Victoria home, Hannah Ann accepts her rose, and when Peter says Madison’s name, she pauses, then reluctantly accepts. This is when the WTA will start,” he tweeted.