‘The Bachelor’: Reality Steve Revealed How Peter Weber’s Season Ends but Now He’s Not So Sure

Reality Steve has done it again. For months, Peter Weber was sure that his season of The Bachelor wouldn’t be spoiled. Now, just days before the finale, Reality Steve revealed his theory of how it all goes down. But after Steve reported his original spoilers, he received some news that might have him changing his mind.

Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber
Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

What’s happening going into the finale?

Now, Weber is down to two women, Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett. Going into the finale, he and Prewett have had a number of issues, the main one being that they are on different pages spiritually. Prewett’s religion is extremely important to her and she has been saving herself for marriage. Weber, on the other hand, is more laid back about his faith and admitted to being intimate with at least one of the other contestants during Fantasy Suites week.

Weber and Sluss haven’t had any real obstacles to overcome, but they also haven’t spoken about anything of substance in the entire time that they’ve known one another.

How did Reality Steve think the ending went down originally?

Warning, spoilers ahead.

Chris Harrison has been teasing that the ending of Weber’s season will be a wild ride. And for once, he was absolutely right.

According to Reality Steve, Prewett quits the show before Weber can even make his decision and then Weber just doesn’t choose.

“Basically he’s saying, ‘To know I’m making the right decision and have a clear conscience, I need both of you to be here.’ He’s not like, ‘Bye Hannah, I pick Madi.’ He doesn’t even make a pick either way and says he won’t until he at least has a chance to talk to Madison and have them both be there. He doesn’t want Hannah Ann to feel like he picked her bc Madison left and she was the only one left standing.”

Once they are all back in America, Weber realizes that it’s Prewett that he loves and begs her to take him back. They end up together but not engaged.

What does Reality Steve think now?

Since Steve posted his original theory, sources have been bombarding him with conflicting stories.

“Just gonna put this out there,” he tweeted. “Since my post this morning, I’ve been on my phone nonstop. Plenty of things being said. The whole thing is a mess. Being told so many different things now. Original sources sticking by what they said. New sources saying that’s not it. It’s madness!”

But there is one thing that he knows for sure.

“One thing that I can absolutely confirm again is that this ending does not involve anyone other than Madison and Hannah Ann,” he continued. “It involves both of them and that’s it. No producer, no Hannah Brown, no Kelley – nothing like that. But there is definitely some weirdness going on.”

So, Weber might have been right. There are so many theories floating around that his season really hasn’t been spoiled yet. Even Reality Steve doesn’t know what to believe.

We will all just have to wait until the finale on Monday, Mar. 9th to find out for sure.