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For the first time in several seasons, Reality Steve couldn’t spoil The Bachelor for fans. The reality tv blogger revealed some of the more significant spoilers of the season regarding who made it to Hometown Dates and which of the women made it to Clayton Echard’s final three. Although, he couldn’t say for sure to which lady Clayton proposed. Today he revealed how it all goes down in The Bachelor finale.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor.]

The final three ladies of 'The Bachelor' include Susie Evans, Rachel Recchia, and Gabby Windey shown at a Rose Ceremony while wearing formal gowns and holding roses.
Gabby Windey, Rachel Recchia, and Susie Evans | ABC/Craig Sjodin

Reality Steve believed Susie Evans eliminated herself from the ‘The Bachelor’ in Iceland

In December 2021, Reality Steve revealed which ladies made it to the final three of Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor. Susie Evans, Gabby Windey, and Rachel Recchia traveled to Iceland for the Fantasy Suite dates.

Clayton bonded with Rachel and Gabby early on in one-on-one dates, but Susie nabbed the season’s first one-on-one. In a recent episode, fans saw Susie and Clayton in the notorious Pretty Woman Date. While the two seemed like they were falling in love, Reality Steve believed Susie actually eliminated herself from the competition. However, he now thinks differently.

Clayton Echard proposed to Susie Evans in Iceland, but she turned him down

In a shocking turn of events, Reality Steve revealed to fans that Clayton does propose to Susie in Iceland, but she doesn’t accept his proposal. During The Bachelor “Women Tell All” episode, the blogger cryptically tweeted that the narrative was about to change. This led to several fans begging Reality Steve for an explanation. However, he waited until Tuesday, March 8, 2022, to let the proverbial other shoe drop.

“All anyone has talked about all season is Rachel and somehow this season revolves around her, and her being with Clayton, etc. Ultra-reliable Instagram accounts who’ve never spoiled a thing in their life were officially reporting Clayton was with Rachel. I have no idea why they reported that, I have no idea where this Rachel ending came from, and I’ve never been told all season that Rachel had anything to do with ending (except in the first month or so when I was hearing every name with zero evidence), so yeah, it is kinda funny to laugh at. She didn’t then and she doesn’t now. Sorry.”

The Bachelor spoiler king continued, “Not only did Susie not end up self-eliminating at the final 3, but she also does something we’ve never seen in 45 previous seasons of the show: reject the lead’s proposal. So yeah, I’d say the narrative around this season will now change going forward since this will be the new major talking point everyone will be discussing.”


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The reality blogger also revealed a few details about the final nights in Iceland

Aside from the biggest Bachelor reveal of Susie rejecting Clayton’s proposal, Reality Steve gave some details about how he thinks it all went down. He clarifies that these are just his thoughts on the incident and some things he’s heard from other sources. However, nothing’s been confirmed thus far.

“The Susie rejection of his proposal at the end was not a ‘f*** you’ from what I’ve heard. Obviously, I wasn’t there so I have no idea what was said and the details of how exactly it went down. Did she wait until he literally got down on one knee to reject him? That’s what I’ve heard. But more so in an “I can’t do this” manner than anything harsh or contentious. But we’ll have to wait and see how that all plays out.”

For now, fans will have to watch and see for themselves. The rest of the drama unfolds in the final episodes of this season of The Bachelor. Tune in to ABC tonight, March 8, 2022, to watch part two of the two-night event.