‘The Bachelor’ Reveals We Might Get More Footage of Couples After the Show

Arie Luyendyk Jr. ended Season 22 of The Bachelor by making a shocking decision. After proposing to Becca Kufrin, he broke it off with her to be with Lauren Burnham. This led to the whole breakup being filmed, which was a first for the show.

Although it looks like everyone is moving on with Luyendyk Jr. now engaged to Burnham and Kufrin becoming the next bachelorette, it looks like the show is going to change once again. Filming the breakup was controversial amongst fans and the show got some flack for doing it.

But it might lead to more footage of couples after the final decision and more. Here are seven things to know about the show’s upcoming change and what people behind the show said about making the decision to film that big moment.

1. The big breakup was filmed because ‘it’s incredibly relatable’

Rebecca being proposed to by Arie.

Here’s why the network did this. | Rebecca Kufrin via Instagram

The show caught up with Kufrin and Luyendyk Jr. after the show and filmed their breakup. This got a lot of flack but ABC executive Robert Mills told Chicago Tribune why they did it.

It’s incredibly relatable and it’s a place we’ve all been,” said Mills. “The stuff you see here is stuff that we’ve all done and we’ve all been through. There’s heartbreak and there is hope, but it is riveting and it’s why we watch The Bachelor because when good or bad things happen, we all want to relate that these things happen to other people.”

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2. A showrunner also defends filming the breakup

Rebecca and Arie sitting on a couch, looking at note cards.

The footage upset many fans. | Rebecca Kufrin via Instagram

Co-showrunner Bennett Graebner also wrote to Buffalo News about the fan outrage at the show and the decision leading up to filming the big heartbreaking event.

Some viewers were upset that the breakup was filmed,” said Graebner. “Yet, this is what happens on The Bachelor. You have relationships and you agree to have those relationships recorded. Sometimes they end beautifully, sometimes they end tragically.”

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3. Mills reveals Kufrin’s ex-boyfriend reached out to producers to go on the show

Some fans wondered how Kufrin’s ex-boyfriend made it to Peru to try to win Kufrin back. “So in this case, this guy reached out to production and said he heard Becca was on the show and he was really upset and wanted to see her,” explained ABC executive Robert Mills. “And as a producer, you think, ‘That’s a great storyline, if it’s authentic.'”

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4. He also said that Kufrin’s season could be one of the ‘stranger’ seasons

Rebecca stands in a white dress against a pink building?

It will be an exciting season for Rebecca. | Rebecca Kufrin via Instagram

Kufrin will be back as the bachelorette after a dramatic breakup. It’s not a surprise given we saw her heartbroken, but Mills revealed that it might be a weird season because of that.

This could be one of the stranger seasons of The Bachelorette because she might not truly be over Arie and it may not work — I certainly hope it does, and we will do everything we possibly can to make sure it does, but you just don’t know,” Mills told Chicago Tribune.

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5. Mills hints that future seasons might use more footage from after the show

Arie drinking champagne as he leans against Rebecca.

Will things be changing? | ABC

When asked what filming Kufrin and Luyendyk Jr.’s breakup meant for the future of the show Robert Mills said the show always tries to evolve, “So this change is the same thing, and I think you’ll start to see more of this now, as we keep evolving the show.”

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6. Bachelor in Paradise could also be getting a makeover

Chris Harrison is smiling with his arms crossed.

Chris Harrison | ABC

A new season of Bachelor in Paradise is also coming and it could be getting a change as well after Bachelor Winter Games introduced an international cast. “I think this has opened up a whole new world,” said co-showrunner Bennett Graebner, according to E! News. “I think you’ll see Bachelor Nation go Bachelor World and that includes Paradise.” 

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7. Bekah Martinez is confirmed for Bachelor in Paradise

Bekah Martinez on a pattered carpet.

Bekah Martinez will be in Bachelor in Paradise. | Bekah Martinez via Instagram

The one cast member that has been confirmed for the spinoff show is Bekah Martinez. The announcement was on After the Final Rose.

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