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There are a few ladies standing out in Season 22 of The Bachelor. Arie Luyendyk Jr. is still trying to find out who he has the most chemistry with, and fans are trying to figure out who to root for. One of the most polarizing women has to be Bekah Martinez or Bekah M.

Although there are some other ladies in the house ruffling other people’s feathers, we know Martinez will also do the same. In previews we see her get asked point blank how old she is. But her age isn’t the only reason why she has been noticed. She is a first when it comes to her hairstyle and amazing when it comes to social media. She seems the type to not hold back to say what she is thinking.

So what should you know about Fresno, CA native? Here are eight things to know about Bekah Martinez.

1. She is one of the youngest contestants to ever be on the show

Bekah Martinez smiles as she stares at Arie.
Is she too young for him? | Bekah Martinez via Instagram

It seems like Martinez’s age is going to be a big plot point of the season. That’s because her age isn’t included in her bio like all the other contestants, and in the previews, we see her get grilled about how old she is. So what is the answer to that question?

She is 22 years old, according to Reality Steve. This doesn’t actually make her the youngest contestant since there have been a few contestants who were 21 before her. But this might be a big plot point this season given Luyendyk Jr. is 36 years old.