‘The Bachelor’ Season 26: Meet Clayton Echard’s Final 3 Ladies

The first exclusive trailer for Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor may have teased his final three ladies. The Bachelor lead admitted that he’s “in love” with all three women, which results in utter turmoil. Clayton also revealed that he was “intimate” with two of them, making his final decision more difficult. Reality Steve recently revealed the identity of the last three contestants present in the trailer. Here are the three women who might be Clayton’s one true love.

Headshot of Clayton Echard, the next bachelor for season 26 in 2022
Clayton Echard from ‘The Bachelor’ 2022 | Pamela Littky/ABC via Getty Images

1. Gabby will try to win Clayton Echard’s heart on ‘The Bachelor’

Gabby wearing a brown dress in a photo shoot for 'The Bachelor' Season 26.
Gabby | Ricky Middlesworth/ABC

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Gabby W. is a 30-year-old ICU Nurse from Denver, Colorado. According to Bachelor Insider, Gabby is looking for a man who is “quite confident.” Although she doesn’t have any physical type, personality is key. It is a “hard pass” for Gabby if a man lacks personality. Her ideal type of man is someone who challenges her, is a great communicator, and is willing to work hard to “equally carry the weight” of their relationship. What is a deal-breaker for Gabby? It can simply be someone who doesn’t accept her Goldendoodle, Leonardo. Lastly, she hopes to find a man that honors her ability to be an independent woman. Some fun facts about Gabby are she’s terrified of humpback whales, loves to write cards, and dreams of flying to Italy to stomp grapes. 

2. Could Rachel steal Clayton’s heart?

Rachel wearing a black long sleeve shirt for the photo shoot for 'The Bachelor' Season 26.
Rachel | Ricky Middlesworth/ABC

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Rachel R. is a 25-year-old Flight Instructor from Clemont, Florida. Since Rachel is a “fearless frequent flyer” that’s always in the sky, she dreams of finding a man that’ll travel the world with her. After earning her private pilot license, Rachel hopes to find a companion that can join her in the sky. Meanwhile, she is always looking for adventure and is a hopeless romantic. Rachel is looking for someone passionate, loves to joke around/be silly, and is “spontaneous” like herself. Ultimately, she wants to find a “crazy, insane love” that will make her feel whole. Some fun facts about Rachel are she loves Flaming Hot Cheetos, is a true Potter Head that wants to introduce the series to her future kids, and once organized a flash mob in high school. 

3. Susie and Clayton form a strong connection in ‘The Bachelor’ Season 26

Susie wearing a blue shirt with blue jeans for the photo shoot for 'The Bachelor' Season 26.
Susie | Ricky Middlesworth/ABC

Lastly, Susie is a 28-year-old Wedding Videographer from Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is a “beauty queen” that’s always looking for a good adventure. Ultimately, Susie is a person who loves to “defy expectation” and is looking for a man who has a spontaneous way of thinking. Also, the Virginia native wants a thoughtful man that loves spending time together. For Susie, loyalty is critical to her, and she must be with someone she can trust. All in all, she wants someone who will encourage her to follow her dreams, whatever that might be. Some fun facts about Susie are she would love to make a documentary film, dislikes haunted houses, and is a Jiu-Jitsu champion. 

Watch all three contestants on The Bachelor Season 26. The popular reality dating show airs on ABC on Jan. 5, 2022.