‘The Bachelor’: Shanae Ankney Says She Had No Idea She Was the Villain of Clayton Echard’s Season

Bachelor in Paradise often gives seasonal villains a chance for a redemption arc after their bad behavior is spotlighted in The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Despite fans starting a petition to keep the villain of Clayton Echard’s season, Shanae Ankney, away from the franchise entirely, it looks like she wants a spot anyways. In a recent episode of the podcast Talking It Out, Shanae talked about possibly appearing on Bachelor in Paradise. She also mentioned how she didn’t realize The Bachelor always had a villain.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor.]

'The Bachelor' star Shanae Ankney wearing a red formal gown at the 'Women Tell All'
Shanae Ankney at the ‘Women Tell All’ | Craig Sjodin/ABC

Shanae Ankney blames poor editing for the way fans saw her

Editing always plays a crucial role in the portrayal of someone on reality TV. However, there’s only so much editing that can be done before someone needs to take responsibility for their behavior. Shanae disagrees.

In a recent appearance on Talking It Out, Shanae discussed her time on Clayton’s season of The Bachelor. Shanae explained, “You know, I said some things that were maybe harsh at the time, but as I was filming my humor is so carefree and lighthearted, calling them ‘b******,’ intentionally, I did not mean like ‘hey, you’re a b****.’ In the moment, it was fun and carefree. I do think edits are really real, but again, it was so carefree and lighthearted in the moment, but playing it back I was like ‘I understand,’ but I think how they didn’t give me the time of day to talk about it or listen, it was hard to explain myself.”

As for those fake tears that the other women brought up at the “Women Tell All,” Shanae said, “There were some scenes that I couldn’t cry, and I did cry, and they got it kind of a little backward. I did explain myself at the ‘Women Tell All’ that there was one part that I actually did cry to Clayton. Those were not fake tears, but again, no one believed me. So, when I tried to explain myself time after time as you saw on tv, I couldn’t get a word out. That’s how it was in the house, that’s how it was at ‘Women Tell All.’ I was like, ‘I don’t know what you guys want me to say because you keep attacking me. You’re not listening, so I’m just going to shut up.’ And that’s what I did.”

Shanae Ankney said she wasn’t aware of a villain role on ‘The Bachelor’

Shanae managed to anger several members of Bachelor Nation with her antics on The Bachelor. She mocked Elizabeth Corrigan’s ADHD diagnosis, liked to Clayton about Genevieve’s feelings for him, and threw a temper tantrum when her team lost a football game on one of the group dates.

She clearly checked every box for the classic villain of The Bachelor. However, she claims she had no idea there was such a thing as a “villain” in every season.

“You wanna know something funny? I haven’t watched many episodes of The Bachelor. I didn’t even know there was a villain. Like the name ‘villain’ or the term ‘villain… One hundred percent honest. When I got eliminated my friends started sending me messages saying, ‘Shanae, you’re the villain!’ I didn’t think I said anything that bad.”

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Shanae Ankney seems open to appearing on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Host Mike Johnson brought up the topic of Bachelor in Paradise. Fans mentioned previously that they believed Shanae was strictly on The Bachelor for a shot at BIP. Speaking to Shanae, he said, “I can’t wait to watch you flourish on the beach because I know we’re going to get you on the beach.”

He then went on to ask her who she’d like to see on Bachelor in Paradise with her. The Ohio native replied, “I honestly think there’s just one guy who comes to mind – Spencer [Robertson]. He’s pretty cute.”

When asked about what Shanae wanted people to see if she’s given another chance in the franchise, “[I want them to see a] more funny, sensitive Shanae. I’m very sensitive. I want everyone to see that. There’s just so much more to me.”

Bachelor in Paradise typically airs in the late summer months. So, it looks like we won’t know whether or not Shanae makes the cut until then. For now, plan on tuning in to ABC on Monday night for the final episodes of Clayton’s season of The Bachelor.

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