‘The Bachelor’ Star Genevieve Parisi Thinks She Was the Right Person to Handle Shanae Ankney on the Two-on-One Date with Clayton Echard

The Bachelor with Clayton Echard has been one dramatic moment after another. From Cassidy Timbrooks’ scandalous texts with another man to Shanae Ankney throwing a trophy because her team didn’t win a challenge, it’s safe to say Clayton’s experienced his fair share of drama. In week 6, Clayton finally sent Shanae home to the relief of pretty much every other woman in the house. His decision to keep Genevieve Parisi over Shanae delighted the other women. Now, Genevieve says she believes she was the right woman to handle this season’s villain on that shocking date.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers from Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor.]

'The Bachelor' star Genevieve Parisi wearing a red dress while holding a rose.
Genevieve Parisi | ABC/John Fleenor

Shanae Ankney and Genevieve Parisi butted heads several times during this season of ‘The Bachelor’

Shanae seemed to have a problem with almost every woman on The Bachelor. However, it was Genevieve who had no problem calling the Ohio native out on her rude behavior. When “Shrimpgate” first happened, a confused Genevieve wondered if Shanae’s issue truly sprouted from some shellfish. 

When the two-on-one date card revealed Genevieve and Shanae, Shanae smugly told the cameras how confident she was in the running for Claton’s heart. After lying to Clayton about Genevieve and her reasons for staying on the show, he shocked Shanae when he chose Genevieve over her.

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‘The Bachelor’ star Genevieve Parisi felt prepared to take on Shanae Ankney in the two-on-one date

This week on The Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Genevieve spoke to the hosts Ali Fedotowsky, Becca Kuffrin, and Rachel Lindsay about the infamous date.

Genevieve said, “When I originally found out, I was like, ‘Oh my goodness. So many emotions.’ But the more I thought about it, if anyone were to go on the two-on-one with Shanae, I would want it to be myself. I think that I’m able to stick up for myself. The other women are amazing, but I don’t know if they were in that situation, if Shanae were to pull something like she did with me, how they would’ve reacted.”

The 26-year-old continued, “I was pretty level-headed. I’m going to treat this as a one-on-one. I know she’s here. I was just telling myself I did nothing wrong, I’ve been my true self the entire time. She has not. She’s thrown a trophy. She’s been so ridiculous toward the other woman. I was in good spirits. I was nervous because I knew it was going to be uncomfortable, but I had high hopes. I felt a strong connection with Clayton and I felt like it was time for Shanae to go and for him to see her true self.”

Genevieve Parisi felt confident about her chances of getting the rose on the two-on-one date from Clayton Echard

Shanae talked a big game about her confidence in receiving the rose from Clayton Echard, but her luck finally ran out. Genevieve explained to The Bachelor Happy Hour podcast that she asked Clayton to come to her if Shanae said anything about her. She wanted a chance to talk to him before he made a decision, and he did just that. 

Shanae told him that Genevieve was an “actress” and there for the wrong reasons. Later, he asked Genevieve about Shanae’s remarks point-blank. Once she explained, Clayton decided to send Shanae home.

The podcasts hosts asked Genevieve about her confidence in receiving the rose on the two-on-one date. 

“From one to 10, I was an eight. I was pretty confident I would leave with a rose. The other women were starting to get upset. Susie said, ‘If she comes home, I’m going to start taking my relationship with him less seriously.’ I just wanted to go in with a positive attitude, have fun, be myself, and I had a feeling something was coming. I didn’t rehearse anything at all. I can’t believe she was saying that she rehearsed and that she said it in a mirror. I didn’t rehearse a single thing. I was just preparing myself for whatever Shanae may make up and what I wanted to talk to Clayton about.”

There are plenty more episodes of The Bachelor with Clayton Echard to air. Tune in Monday nights on ABC to watch all the drama of this season unfold.

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