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Fans are still reacting to the first episode of The Bachelor. One of the ladies fighting to win Peter Weber’s heart made sure to get a lot of time with him. It paid off, but some fans are worried she might be another Luke Parker (Luke P.) Find out which contestant it is and what Weber has to say about it.

Hannah Ann got the first impression rose on ‘The Bachelor’

The model from Knoxville managed to hit it off with the pilot. That’s partially due to her presenting him with a gift.   

“Since I’m from east Tennessee, me and my dad painted you a picture of the Smoky Mountains,” Hannah Ann Sluss told him as she gave him a painting. “I was really nervous to give it to you because this is like very personal.”  

Weber said he loved it then they kissed. That wasn’t the only thing that blew him away.  

Hannah Ann also mentioned that her parents are still married after 20 years. She said they told her there is no better gift than showing your children a healthy marriage. Weber agreed and fans were able to watch his parents renew their vows later in the episode. They have been married over 31 years.

Weber wasn’t happy that Rachel Lindsay compared her to Luke P.

Peter Weber of 'The Bachelor' is a guest on 'Good Morning America,'
Peter Weber of ‘The Bachelor’ is a guest on ‘Good Morning America,’ | Paula Lobo/ABC via Getty Images

Becca Kufrin and Rachel Lindsay talked to Weber about the first episode of his season. They didn’t hold back when giving their reactions.

“I’m going say something. Don’t get mad at me,” she told him on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. “We’ve only seen one episode. But you know who Hannah Ann reminds me of in the way you talk about her?” she continued. “Everybody say it with me now: One. Two, Three! Luke P.!”

Luke P. was on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. He notoriously did anything he could to get more time with her. Eventually, she tried to send him home multiple times only for him to return again.

It didn’t take long at all for Weber to respond. “No, not even close. Not even close. Don’t even go there,” he said. “She was intentional, but that’s different.”

Lindsay continued to make her point. “Listen. You know him outside of all of that. You know him past the first episode. I’m only talking about first episode,” she said. “We didn’t know he was like that. First episode it was like, wow, he’s really into this girl. He knows exactly what he wants. He’s very intentional in exactly what he wants to do. And she feels it as well. I’m just saying. We’ve only seen one episode.”

She isn’t the only one who has made this comparison

Lindsay isn’t the only one who compared Hannah Ann to Luke P. Fans of from the show made this comparison too.

Time will tell if fans will view Hannah Ann as intentional or another Luke P. by the end of the season. Weber still defends her against the comparison.