‘The Bachelor’: The Strange Reason Why Peter Weber Never Offers His Jacket to His Shivering Dates

Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor continues to enrage fans. The mere fact that Victoria Fuller is still around after running off crying anytime she has a date with Weber is frustrating. However, there’s something else odd that’s going on — we noticed Madison Prewett shivering and wondered why Pilot Pete didn’t offer his coat to the poor girl?

Peter Weber and his 30 contestants
Peter Weber with all 30 contestants | ABC/Craig Sjodin

What happened with Madison and Peter Weber on ‘The Bachelor’ Fantasy Suites Week?

The episode opened where we left off last week, with Madison stealing away Weber for one more quick chat. The pair walk out of the airplane hangar and sit down on a bench so she can tell him that she’s a virgin. 

However, the woman never goes there. Instead, Madi informs Weber that if he has relations with either of the other two during Fantasy Suites, then she can’t stick around. Okay, then this should be interesting. 

Of course, he is intimate with both of the other women, and the episode ends pretty much right where it began — Weber looking confused at Madison’s request. 

Madi does finally tell him that she is “saving herself for marriage.” Then she reiterates that she won’t be staying if he had sex with anyone else. There’s crying from both parties because clearly, he did not understand what she was saying on that chilly evening outside the airplane hangar. 

Why didn’t Weber give Madison his coat when she was obviously freezing?

In both scenarios, Madi is visibly cold. She even says at one point, “It’s frickin’ cold out here.” However, Pilot Pete sits there on the bench, letting her shiver. 

It turns out; the producers do not let Weber give his coat to any woman during these situations because it would not look great on television.

“The Bachelor nearly always offers his jacket to every shivering woman sitting in front of him,” one of the producers told Entertainment Weekly. “But [we] tell him not to, because it looks so damn silly.”

The women spend a significant amount of time getting ready for these dates, so the producers do not want to see them, “draped in an enormous blazer.”

Instead, they keep pashminas on hand for those who want them. However, we notice that no one is ever wearing one. 

Is this a new rule? Has any Bachelor offered their coat to a contestant?

No, this is not the first time a ‘lady’ was shivering on The Bachelor. It happens every season and the poor guy always offers their coat. Then the producers have to intervene and tell him that’s against the rules. 

The women have to keep up their appearances for the cameras — or the producers will do it for you! We will find out what else happened behind the scenes this season very soon. The Bachelor Women Tell All is coming Mar. 2, 2020, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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