‘The Bachelor’: These are the Women Peter Weber Wants to Confront at the ‘Women Tell All’ After Watching the Season

Peter Weber is finally making some decisions. After a season of being the definition of wishy-washy, Weber brought the hammer down on Wednesday night’s episode and eliminated another four women, bringing the count down to six.

Though Weber’s season may be turning around now, it has been marred by a number of dramatic feuds between the women. Weber was notified about several of the issues by the contestants, but there was a lot going on that he didn’t see. Now that the pilot has had a chance to watch the episodes for himself, there are some things that he wants to get off of his chest.

The Bachelor
The Bachelor | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

The drama between the women

Right off the bat, the women began going at each other. First, it was champagne-gate between Hannah Ann Sluss and Kelsey Weier, where the women argued for hours over some champagne. Then Alayah Benavidez and Sydney Hightower got into it because Hightower thought Benavidez was fake. Then Victoria Paul got into the Benavidez drama and lied about not knowing Benavidez very well in the outside world. Then, it was Tammy Ly, Weier, and Mykenna Dorn arguing over whether they were mentally stable. It’s honestly been very exhausting to watch.

Who does Peter Weber want to confront?

Weber had a strong connection with several women who stirred up drama throughout the season. He had a particularly tight bond with Hightower, which even caused him to send a girl home at one point. But eventually, he let Hightower go as well.

“I think we definitely had a strong initial connection, obviously strong physical chemistry,” Weber told Entertainment Tonight. “She was a really sweet girl, but she just wasn’t my wife.”

Hightower and Weber grew closer after she told him about her past and how she was bullied growing up for being mixed-race. After watching the season, Weber still believes her backstory but wants to talk to her about the way she acted in the house towards the other women.

“She never came off to me the way I’m seeing how she acted with some of the women when I wasn’t there,” Weber said. “So I am a little bit curious about that and that she just kind of was hiding a personality I didn’t necessarily know very well, to be completely honest.”

Weber also had some thoughts on Dorn after watching the season.

“Mykenna, bless that girl. Her facial expressions are amazing. I’ll never forget them,” Weber said. “The tongue, the wine, dancing… she’s such a fun girl and very sweet girl.” 

“I know that she had very pure intentions and she was there for the right reasons, truly. And I obviously wish her the best, but again, she just wasn’t my wife.”

Does Peter Weber regret who he gave roses to?

Weber has gotten a lot of criticism about being indecisive this season, but he feels like he could have “absolutely” been more decisive or made different choices with his roses had he had more information about the women.

“I’m not gonna say I feel like it was hidden from me, but I will fully accept and own that, yeah, there were a lot of moments where I was indecisive. But again, I give myself all the grace in the world ’cause it’s a tough situation to be in.”