‘The Bachelor’: This Word Is Reportedly Banned from Being Said on the Show

Fans of The Bachelor all know what to expect from each season. For a show that has an almost completely new cast each go around, the storylines for each Bachelor or Bachelorette are eerily similar.

But could these similarities be more than just a fluke? Are producers putting certain rules in place to ensure that the contestants stick to the script?

Words banned from ‘The Bachelor’

Apparently, there are certain words that are banned from the show. If you’ve ever wondered why so many contestants say the word “journey” in their interviews, it’s because they are pretty much forced to.

The one word that is banned on the show is “process.” Producers don’t like for contestants to refer to The Bachelor experience as a “process.” Instead, they must say it is a “journey.” If a contestant accidentally says the forbidden word, producers will re-film the segment until they use the word “journey.”

Aliases for cast members

Producers also will never call the leads by their names over their walkie talkies. Former Bachelor Sean Lowe spoke to Glamour to shed light on this weird Bachelor precaution.

“The show is so paranoid about spoilers and people getting inside information,” Lowe said. “From the very beginning, they never called me Sean over the radio; it was always Clyde. The girl, no matter what girl it was, was always Bonnie. It’s almost like you are in the Secret Service.

Producers wait until you say what they want

If you’ve watched The Bachelor or The Bachelorette then you know that the show is famous for teary goodbyes. But according to Lowe, some of those aren’t exactly natural.

“They want interesting TV,” he said of when he was eliminated from The Bachelorette. “In my case, I didn’t want to talk about anything, until I realized the ride was taking a lot longer than it should and these guys are just driving around until I say the right thing. I knew if I didn’t, we were just going to drive around all night.”

The overnight dates aren’t always filmed

When given the option to do the overnight fantasy suite dates, some contestants or leads turn it down for their own personal reasons. But apparently, just because the person turns down the date on camera, doesn’t mean that they stick to that choice.

In Lowe’s book For the Right Reasons: America’s Favorite Bachelor on Faith, Love, Marriage, and Why Nice Guys Finish First, he detailed what actually went down after his Bachelorette, Emily Maynard, said no to their overnight date. According to Lowe, though she was shown turning down all the men, she actually spent the night with each of them.

“I was so confident back then thinking, ‘I’m the dude she’s going to choose!’ I knew it because she told me. She said, ‘Listen, I’m only going to do this with you.’ We’re going to look like we’re going to wrap up the date, but then we’re going to go to the fantasy suite and we can just hang out,” Lowe once told Dish Nation of the night.

“And so, that’s exactly what we did. I think I walked her back to her place at like four in the morning. We spent four hours with no cameras and so I’m thinking, ‘If she’s only doing it with me, then she must want to choose me.’ Of course it was that same week she sent me home.” 

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