‘The Bachelor’: Why Krystal Nielson Thinks the Show’s Environment Is ‘Toxic’

So far, Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor has been tumultuous. Fans of the show have called out the toxicity between the participants this season, with some claiming it’s making the show harder to watch. Krystal Nielson appeared on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise and also said The Bachelor can be a toxic environment.

The Bachelor Krystal Nielson
Krystal Nielson | Troy Harvey via Getty Images

Fans have found this season of ‘The Bachelor’ to be toxic

On social media, fans of The Bachelor have complained about the toxic environment on the show. While some fans enjoy the drama it brings, other fans are unimpressed with the direction the show has taken.

“There’s maybe 5 girls on this bachelor season that aren’t toxic and rude,” a fan tweeted.

“I started watching the Bachelor with Arie, and fell in love with the beautiful, intelligent, lovely ladies. They were so eloquent in describing their feelings and dealing with drama. But dang y’all Peter’s women are toxic and awful…,” wrote a Twitter user.

“This season of The Bachelor the producers worked their butts off to get THE MOST toxic women we’ve ever seen. I am disgusted and looking forward to Wednesday night,” one fan tweeted.

“The bachelor’s producers set up a toxic environment, and it shows. It sells. It’s so sad to see people signing up for this and others making money for petty entertainment,” a Twitter user wrote.

Krystal Nielson shared her thoughts on ‘The Bachelor’

Because of all the drama from this season, some fans think The Bachelor has taken things too far. A lot of the women participating seem to not get along at all, and fans have pointed out how often the producers seem to have meddled in the show’s story lines.

Nielson commented on Weber’s season of The Bachelor to Us Weekly and said she would not want her kids to ever appear on the show.

“It’s so crazy watching [The Bachelor] because it feels like such a toxic environment they’re in. Honestly, I just think it’s really scary,” Nielson said. “Seeing all this stuff come up for all the contestants now, like, blasts from the past [means] anything could be exposed on this show now, especially with how they are leaking everyone earlier.”

Ashley Iaconetti has noticed a change in the show

Iaconetti met Jared Haibon on Bachelor in Paradise and the two married in 2019. While Nielson would not want her future kids appearing on The Bachelor despite the fact she met her husband Chris Randone on Bachelor in Paradise, Iaconetti would be okay with it.

“In my experience, it wasn’t that traumatic that I wouldn’t encourage them to do it. I learned so much about myself and I grew so much character from it and strength. And I got to know myself better,” she said.

However, Iaconetti did acknowledge how the environment on the show has changed.

“… at the rate [it’s] evolving… It’s more toward this, like, catty environment. I wouldn’t want them in that. … But I totally would be fine with them being in the environment that I was in because that was splendid,” Iaconetti said.