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This season of The Bachelor with Clayton Echard has brought up scandalous rumors, tell-alls, and accusations amongst the female contestants. The Bachelor’s “Women Tell All” episode unleashed Shanae Ankney’s villainous ways toward Genevieve Parisi regarding Aaron Clancy. In a new podcast, Aaron reveals Shanae has been thirsting over him from the start.

[Warning: The article contains spoiler information for Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor.]

Shanae Ankney for 'The Bachelor' 'Women Tell All' episode wearing red dress.
Shanae Ankney for ‘The Bachelor’ ‘Women Tell All’ episode | Craig Sjodin via ABC

Shanae Ankney went full force of accusing Genevieve Parisi of sleeping with Aaron Clancy

There is no denying that Shanae was the season’s head villain and antagonist that made the contestants’ time on The Bachelor a living hell. While many tried to steer clear of her warpath, Genevieve received the worst of it. The producers purposely had them join Clayton for the infamous two-on-one date that ended with Shanae being sent home.

The “Women Tell All” opened a can of worms as Shanae once again targeted Genevieve, and it was more than anyone bargained for. She accused Genevieve of sleeping with former The Bachelor star Aaron Clancy after her elimination.

“And then, when you get eliminated, you go home and f*** Aaron from Katie’s season,” accused Shanae. Genevieve was stunned and denied the accusation, stating, “I met him at a bar! I didn’t even kiss him!” In an interview with US Weekly, Genevieve explained she had met Aaron for roughly a few minutes but didn’t get to know him personally.

In contrast, Genevieve accused Shanae of sliding into Aaron’s DM’s during the “Women Tell All.” This might be true, but not in the way fans think.

Aaron Clancy reveals ‘The Bachelor’ Shanae Ankney’s flirty ways on Instagram

To get to the bottom of the scandalous accusations during The Bachelor’s “Women Tell All,” Aaron appeared on Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast. He set the record straight that he and Genevieve met by chance at a bar before Clayton’s season ever aired.

“I didn’t know who she was. But she knew who I was, obviously from Paradise. She came up to me, introduced herself, and I was like ‘Hey, what’s going on,'” explained Aaron. He says the interaction was brief, and that was the end of the story.

In the end, Aaron set the record clear that Shanae’s accusations are completely untrue, and he never slept with Genevieve. Instead, Aaron reveals The Bachelor’s Shanae was the one who was interested in him from the start. He explains Shanae never slid into his DM’s on Instagram. But she showed her interest and flirted in another way.

Aaron explains she would react and comment on his stories where he looked “pretty good in.” When Aaron would post and “she did it like three or four times where she would post that emoji with a yellow face that has hearts for eyes, and she’ll respond back.” It seems like Shanae used Genevieve and Aaron to her advantage, but it backfired.

‘The Bachelor’ final two episodes will put an end to the drama, for now


Former ‘Bachelor’ Nick Viall Calls Clayton Echard Out, Says He’s ‘Being a D***’ to Susie Evans

Dirty details, rumors, and accusations are integral to dating reality shows. Shane and Genevieve’s head-to-head battle is only one part of the drama surrounding Clayton’s season of The Bachelor. The series is coming to an end next week with the final two episodes.

After all the drama, fans will get to finally see which of the three women Clayton has fallen in love with and will hopefully ask to be his wife. While spoilers and rumors are floating around as to who Clayton will give the final rose to, it’s best to see the drama live. The Bachelor will air the two-part finale next Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c.