‘The Bachelor’: These Two Contestants Fought on ‘Women Tell All,’ But Shared That They Made Up

While drama amongst women has been a theme in every season of The Bachelor, two contestants showed that they’re above the cattiness from the “Women Tell All” episode. These women shared on social media that they made up after the special episode. During “Women Tell All,” the contestants did not appear to get along at all. But they showed that they were able to move past the drama and find a way to connect.

Matt James' 'Bachelor' contestants sitting on the 'Women Tell All' special
Matt James’ ‘Bachelor’ contestants on the ‘Women Tell All’ special | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

Katie Thurston was critical of Sarah Trott on ‘The Bachelor’

Contestant Sarah Trott interrupted a group date that wasn’t a part of on The Bachelor. Many of the women had an issue with Sarah “stealing time” and they vocalized that. One of the women who made sure to make her opinion known was Katie Thurston — who was the contestant that Sarah interrupted spending one-on-one time with Matt.

Katie explained her behavior in an episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast.

“I just kind of like let her have her time because I just wasn’t prepared,” she explained on Bachelor Happy Hour via BachelorNation.com. “So, the girls know and they’re like, ‘Go get your man.’ So that’s when I kind of come together and I’m like, ‘Wait, wait, wait. She’s not on the group date. What’s going on? This is not right. What’s happening?'”

“I felt like I gave her enough time to say what she needed to say,” Katie continued. “But then she wasn’t leaving so I had to sit there and be like, ‘OK, your time is up. I don’t know how more clear I can be. You need to go.'”

Katie was critical of Sarah, but later came to an understanding with the other contestant when she spoke with her privately. The two women bonded over struggles in their families — Katie revealed that her father died several years ago, while Sarah was dealing with her dad’s illness. Sarah decided to leave the show, and Katie saw the other contestant from a new perspective.

Several contestants called out Katie Thurston on ‘Women Tell All’

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However, people were critical of the way Katie handled things on the show. Many of the contestants called her out for how she treated the Sarah situation, and how she involved Matt in house drama.

“You came at Sarah harder than almost anybody,” Mariela “Mari” Pepin, who was another contestant, said to Katie on the “Women Tell All” episode. “You flipped the switch the next day, and you were like, ‘Oh because now I know her story, we should all be nice to her.'”

Chelsea Vaughn also criticized Katie.

“The house was not toxic until you made it toxic by bringing up the situation to Matt, and then causing the domino effect that led to every single drama in the house that you weren’t involved in,” she said to the rumored bachelorette lead.

Things appeared tense among the women. But Katie and Chelsea have moved past the misunderstanding.

Katie Thurston and Chelsea Vaughn showed that they made up

The two contestants showed that they’re over whatever drama occurred on the show, filmed months ago. Katie shared a screenshot of a FaceTime with Chelsea, in which the two women are smiling.

“@ChelseaVaugn_ and I have moved on,” Katie captioned the photo in her Instagram story captured by Reddit. “Please do the same.”

She also wrote: “Two grown a** women who had different opinions and still respect one another. Imagine that.”

Chelsea reposted the picture on her account, letting her followers know that her and Katie were all good, too.

The Bachelor‘s Fantasy Suite episode airs on ABC tonight at 8 p.m.