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Vanessa Grimaldi, the winner of Nick Viall‘s season of The Bacheloris happily engaged to her boyfriend, Josh Wolfe. Fans point out that the diamond engagement ring is “amazingly better” than the Neil Lane ring Viall proposed with on the show. 

'The Bachelor' Season 21 Winner Vanessa Grimaldi
‘The Bachelor’ Season 21 Winner Vanessa Grimaldi | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

What happened with Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi?

On The Bachelor Season 21, Viall was the first lead to meet 30 women the first night. He eventually narrowed his contestants down to 29-year-old Vanessa Grimaldi from Montreal, Quebec, and 25-year-old Raven Gates from Hoxie, Arkansas.

Viall proposed to Grimaldi during the final rose ceremony, which aired March 13, 2017. She was the first Canadian contestant ever to win the show. However, the engagement did not last long — they broke up a few months later, on Aug. 25, 2017. A source told Entertainment Online that the two had differences from day one.

“Moving to Los Angeles or elsewhere long term was never really on the table for her,” a source explained. “And, unfortunately, it seems as though Nick never had any intention of moving to Montreal.”

Family means a lot to Grimaldi, and she was not happy with her move to live with Viall in LA. Another source added that she did not love fame. She thought it was fun for a while, but was ready to be out of the spotlight. The two parted ways amicably.

Fans believe Vanessa Grimaldi’s ring is ‘amazingly better than the 1 from Nick Viall on ‘The Bachelor’

Vanessa Grimaldi shared photos of her new diamond ring on her Instagram story on Aug. 10, 2020. The couple was engaged atop the Saint-Louis Gate in Quebec City, Canada. 

“This thing is so beautiful,” one fan wrote on Reddit about Grimaldi’s ring. “You don’t often see a gold band for an engagement ring. It’s so delicate and pretty! Suits her very well.”

Other fans chimed in, noting how different it was from the one that Viall gave her.

“It’s AMAZINGLY better than the one from Nick!” another fan added. “It’s gorgeous! (Side note: when I did the engagement ring bracket, Vanessa’s ring from Nick got dead last place).”

Is Vanessa Grimaldi’s ring from Nick Viall that different from Josh Wolfe’s choice?

Fiance Josh Wolfe specially designed the engagement ring at a local jeweler in Montreal — Teresa and Sons. The gorgeous ring features a 1-carat oval diamond with two side stones set on an 18 karat yellow gold band. 


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Although fans are gushing about how stunning the ring is, the engagement ring from Nick Viall was 3.75 carats, with a simple round-cut. It’s platinum, not gold, and features a halo of smaller diamonds around the central stone.

When Neil Lane flew into Finland, he only had six choices for the Bachelor. The one Viall chose was covered in 164 round-cut diamonds. It sounds like the smaller diamond, lovingly created by her fiance, was more of a match for Grimaldi.