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This season of The Bachelor has a controversial contestant named Victoria Fuller. She is hitting it off with Peter Weber but many fans aren’t happy with her after they found out she modeled clothing with a racist slogan in the past. She has finally addressed it. Find out what she had to say and more.

Victoria F. previously modeled merchandise with the slogan ‘white lives matter’

The contestant is one of many women this season who modeled before the show. However, there is one job that is getting Victoria F. in trouble.

She modeled merchandise for the conservation of white and blue marlins. It used the slogan “white lives matter” on the merchandise and the confederate flag.

When the backlash started she seemed to deny some of the things that were said about her on Instagram. “I’d like to start off by saying thank you to all of my family & friends for the overwhelming support. Even to the strangers who have reached out to show me kindness. THANK YOU. The RUMORS you are hearing are FALSE. There will be a time & place where I can defend myself, but for now I choose to wait,” she wrote.

Cosmopolitan’s cover with her and Peter Weber was pulled

Peter Weber and Victoria F. on 'The Bachelor'
Peter Weber and Victoria F. on ‘The Bachelor’ John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Victoria F. won a modeling competition that was supposed to lead to a cover for Cosmopolitan magazine. However, her digital cover with Weber was pulled. Cosmopolitan’s editor-in-chief Jessica Pels released a statement about the decision.

“It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I found out that the woman I’d chosen had, in her past, modeled in an ad campaign wearing White Lives Matter attire,” read the statement. “Unequivocally, the White Lives Matter movement does not reflect the values of the Cosmo brand. We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, and any cause that fights to end injustices for people of color.”

The statement then claimed, “We’d already printed the fashion shoot in our March issue, complete with an inset of the cover, and of course the episode had already been filmed. Ultimately what felt right was choosing not to publish the digital cover on our website or social feeds, and simply being honest with you, the audience we respect, about what happened and where we stand.”

She claimed she comes from a diverse background then apologized

Fans took to an Instagram page called Bachelor Clues to talk about the scandal. She replied to them in the comments.

“Hello bachelor clues & followers! It would be nice for you to gather all the facts before jumping to bash someone,” she wrote according to Us Weekly. “The company ‘We Love Marlins’ is in support of catching white, blue, & black marlins & releasing them back into the wild.”

The contestant then talked about her own background. “In regards to a sensitive topic, I come from a very diverse background & am in support of all races! Virginia Beach is a VERY large fishing town where Marlin tournaments are held every year! Glad to clear this up,” she added.

A user pointed out how the merchandise was still using a racist slogan. Victoria replied, “I’m sorry if you or anyone else’s feelings were hurt. That was never my intention” and “I definitely see how this could be offensive. I apologize immensely it was never my intention to lessen this matter.”