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Every season of The Bachelor seems to push one contestant to face her fear of heights. This season is especially filled with gravity-defying activities because Peter Weber works as a pilot.

He has flown a few of the contestants around on dates. The latest episode showed Victoria Fuller freaking out multiple times because of her fear of heights. Find out why she is getting backlash over it and what she had to say about her skydiving past.

Victoria F. was scared of heights on ‘The Bachelor’

Victoria Fuller on 'The Bachelor'
Victoria Fuller on ‘The Bachelor’ | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

“Week 4” showed Victoria F. going on a solo date with Weber. It started with her being driven to the airport.

“Are we skydiving? No. no,” she is heard saying as the car stops. “Are we skydiving?! No! I can’t!” she then yelled as she started hitting the car seats. They went flying in a plane instead to explore Cleveland, but Victoria still said she was terrified.

The date didn’t end there. They went to the amusement park, Cedar Point. Weber and Victoria F. went on more rides which made her face her fear of heights.

“The date card says ‘Let our love soar to new heights’ and Cedar Point is the perfect place to do that,” Weber said. “I don’t know too much about Victoria but there is something about her that has grabbed me and I see something there.”

They went on a ride that shot them high up in the air. Victoria F. was pretty scared, but in the end Weber asked if she would like to do it again. She answered, “I kinda do.” Then they asked to go again.

They then danced during a Chase Rice concert, which was awkward given Victoria F. used to date him. .

There is a picture of her skydiving on Instagram

Fans are always doing their detective work into the past of contestants on the show. Some of them noticed there is a picture of her skydiving on her Instagram page with the caption, “what in the actual f*ck.”

This made many doubt that she was scared of heights at all. “Yea if she was actually afraid of heights she wouldn’t go on those rides and say ‘do it again’ hell no. I would have a straight up panic attack and say adios peter,” one fan tweeted.

Another fan tweeted, “I don’t even give a f*ck if people know I watch the #TheBachelor ! Victoria, you’re out here playing the innocent game ‘I can’t go skydiving, oh my god’ HUHHH? I got you Pete!!!!”

She confirmed that she has gone skydiving before

Victoria F. posted a video on her Instagram story to respond to fans after the picture was found. She confirmed that she has gone skydiving before.

“For everyone asking who has sent in 90 million messages about me skydiving, yes I’ve been skydiving before,” she said. “Do I ever want to do it again? No! Am I allowed to feel that way? Yes.”

It seems like many fans are now suspicious of the already controversial contestant. They’ll have to wait and see if she’ll have to face her fear again.