‘The Bachelor’: Victoria P. Got Majorly Called out for Being ‘Fake’ During ‘Women Tell All’

Last night was Peter Weber’s “Women Tell All” and things got heated. There was even a point in the evening when host Chris Harrison paused to sit back and chuckle because the women were all speaking over each other and he couldn’t get a word in. When things settled down, he told everyone to take a big breath as they headed into a commercial break.

Peter Weber's 'Women Tell All' | Kelsey McNeal via Getty Images
Peter Weber’s ‘Women Tell All’ | Kelsey McNeal via Getty Images

Several former contestants got called out for what other contestants deemed problematic behavior. Victoria Paul was one of them.

Victoria P.’s ‘Bachelor’ drama

Victoria P. was involved in a good amount of drama during her time on The Bachelor, most notably with Alayah Benavidez.

During Weber’s season, a few contestants told Weber they felt Alayah was “fake,” and “turning it on for the cameras.” At the time, the pilot went to Victoria P. for her take on the matter because he trusted her. She told him she knew Alayah outside of The Bachelor (but only briefly) and that she’d asked the nurse to lie about them knowing each other. She told Weber she didn’t think Alayah was the right person for him. So he sent Alayah home (the first time).

Victoria P. gets called out for how she handled the Alayah situation

During “Women Tell All,” Victoria P. was confronted by a few contestants about the Alayah drama.

“The thing that makes this kind of sketchy to me is that you were expressing how you don’t like Alayah, how you don’t like her personality, all these things. But then at the rose ceremony, you’re like holding her hand and coddling her and in Cleveland, you’re like wiping her tears…” said Shiann Lewis.

“I totally agree with ya’ll. I am weird,” Victoria P. interjected.

“Weird? That’s fake, it’s not weird! It’s fake. You are the fakest person in the house. For you to go and say that she is fake… You wanted everybody to be against her,” responded Savannah Mullins.

Victoria P.’s alleged ‘pill-popping’ accusation against Kelsey

Later in the evening, Victoria P. was asked, point-blank, if she was the one who started the rumor that Kelsey Weier “pops pills.”

“So Tammy and I were in the room and it got brought up that Kelsey was acting a little out of character that night,” Victoria P. began.

“I never admitted I was sober. I never once said, ‘I’m sober.’ But that was one night,” added Kelsey.

“It was Adderall, though,” added another contestant off-camera.

“From a medical standpoint–I’m a nurse–from a medical standpoint,” Victoria P. began again.

“You’re a dermatologist,” shot someone else off-camera.

And that’s where the conversation stopped, with the audience letting out a collective “Ooooooohh!”

Victoria P. definitely wasn’t the only contestant to face criticism from their fellow contestants. Tammy Ly, Kelsey, Mykenna Dorn, and a few others were pointedly questioned as well. By the end of the night, it felt like almost no one got out unscathed.

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