‘The Bachelor’: Was There Another Woman That Barbara Wanted Peter Weber to End Up with Besides Hannah Ann Sluss?

People have issues with their mother-in-laws all of the time. But those issues don’t usually start before the relationship is even formed. Madison Prewett and Peter Weber’s mom Barbara Weber got along great when they met at the beginning of Weber’s season. But when they saw each other again in Australia, it was an entirely different situation.

Peter and Barbara Weber
Peter Weber and Barbara Weber | Instagram @sweetnums

Fans were shocked by Barbara’s extreme feelings towards Prewett and wondered why she would act like that. Barbara’s actions since filming for the season wrapped have proved that she actually did like several of the women on Peter’s season, just not Prewett.

Why doesn’t Barbara like Madison Prewett?

After Prewett left Peter’s family in Australia, Barbara immediately told her son not to pick her. Though he listened to her initially and proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss, he eventually broke off the engagement and went back to Prewett.

Barbara was definitely not pleased with Peter’s decision, especially after her interaction with Prewett in Australia.

“Unfortunately what wasn’t shown was how it all started,” Barbara wrote in a message to Reality Steve. “Madison had us wait 3 hours because she didn’t want to come in to meet us. My son begged her to do so. Once in she never offered an apology (keep in mind we had traveled across the world to meet both girls). When I asked her if she loved my son she said NO! And that she would not accept a proposal in 4 days. (Then what was she doing there?) My son Jack pointed out to Peter that in the small time he was there she was all about herself and not about Peter. Trust me when I say all that glitters is not gold!!! Thank you.”

During the finale, Barbara expressed many of those same claims and Prewett didn’t deny them. Instead, she said that she refused to talk bad about Barb.

Barbara still likes Hannah Ann Sluss

During the finale, Sluss told Weber off for wasting her time and never saying what he meant. Barbara clapped for Sluss the entire time she shaded her son.

And she even reached out after the split.

“After our break up she definitely reached out a couple times,” Sluss said of Barbara said on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. “I love Barb, I honestly, I could break down crying just thinking about her right now because I miss her so much.”

“But I knew that forgiveness is the only way forward and I needed to work on, leading up to this day, to forgive Peter and to move forward,” she added. “And doing that is, you know, isolating myself from anyone close to him. And I can’t continue to talk to Barb every day if I’m trying to move forward from Peter, and that’s been also a heartbreak, not being able to be a part of Barb and her life. That’s also a heartbreak and a breakup in its own self.”

Was Barbara Weber rooting for Kelley Flanagan?

Barbara only got to meet Sluss and Prewett during the show, but it turns out she had some other favorites from Peter’s season as well.

Kelley Flanagan was sent home this season after Peter felt like she wasn’t into the relationship enough. Though he may not have felt a spark with Flanagan, Barbara certainly did.

Flanagan posted two photos of herself from the finale to Instagram and Barbara commented on both.

In response to the first photo, Barbara wrote, “The most beautiful, elegant, classy, intelligent, stylish girl in the world. You were and will always be my fav rav.”

And she commented under another picture that same day, asking Flanagan to hang out.

“We need to do lunch and go shopping for the day,” she wrote.

Looks like Peter passed up on two of his mom’s favs.