‘The Bachelor’: What Fans Think of the Way Peter Weber and Hannah Brown Ended Their Conversation

On last night’s episode of The Bachelor, Peter Weber decided to carry on as the lead of the show and say goodbye to Hannah Brown.

“Selfishly, let’s go catch a flight,” Brown propositioned.

“I don’t know what to do right now at all. At all. Oh my god,” responded Weber with his head in her lap.

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images
Hannah Brown and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

After a long, emotional pause, Weber said: “I can’t do this […] I’m gonna get back to the girls.” And that was that! The two hugged one last time and parted ways.

Later, to the camera, Weber admitted that he wasn’t feeling confident in terms of being where he needed to be to find his future wife.

“This is confusing to me. I wanted to kiss her, yes. That’s what I was feeling. That’s what I wanted to do. I mean it wasn’t that long ago I know that we broke up so I guess this is OK to feel this way. I mean I probably didn’t handle this the right way today. I am trying to figure out what the hell my heart wants and I don’t know,” he said.

Weber continued: “I think I’m just like really scared that I’m not where I need to be right now for this. I don’t know if I need to feel that love with someone else to fully move on. I don’t know if I have to fully move on to feel that love with someone else.”

What Bachelor Nation thinks of the way Peter Weber’s conversation with Hannah Brown ended

As per usual, Bachelor Nation took to the internet to weigh in with their thoughts last night as Weber and Brown talked through their feelings.

Some fans think Brown and Weber belong together.

“Unpopular Opinion: Peter & Hannah have more chemistry than anyone else there. You only get one life. They have to explore that & see it through. If he proposes to someone else while still having doubts about Hannah, he would resent his bride forever,” wrote one Twitter user.

“petition for peter to fly away from these overdramatic girls and get back hannah b?” tweeted another.

But some fans feel Weber shouldn’t settle for Brown because he was her “3rd choice.”

“Peter would be a fool to be Hannah’s 3rd choice at the end of ALL OF THIS,” tweeted one fan.

“I’m sorry but Hannah B is one of the most selfish people in Bachelor Nation. She couldn’t stand the thought of Peter moving on so essentially crashed his season. Grow up. You didn’t want the man let him find his happiness,” wrote another.

And Some fans are still holding out hope for the possibility of the two getting back together in the end.

“Hannah B. and Peter during the finale,” wrote one Twitter user with a GIF of Ryan Gosling’s character in The Notebook saying, “It wasn’t over, it still isn’t over.”

Weber’s mom does tell him to “go get our girl.” Could she be talking about Brown?

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