‘The Bachelor’: Where Does Reality Steve Get His Spoilers?

If you’ve been a part of Bachelor nation for any amount of time, then you know all about Steve Carbone, better known to the world as Reality Steve. If you are looking for Bachelor or Bachelorette spoilers, he’s the go-to guy. Throughout the seasons, several blogs have given their predictions for who wins, but none have been right as many times as Carbone. So, where is he getting all of this information?

Matt James and Victoria Larson on 'The Bachelor' Season 25 Episode 2 Group Date
Matt James and Victoria Larson on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 25 | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

How did Reality Steve start?

Reality Steve actually didn’t start his reality career with The Bachelor. He began writing about reality tv when Joe Millionaire premiered. He started writing up weekly recaps for his friends, who ended up finding them so funny that they forwarded the emails on to others, according to The New York Times.

In 2003, his email newsletter went on to become RealitySteve.com. He didn’t make money from the site until he got his first spoiler tip. When season 13’s Bachelor Jason Mesnick left Melissa Rycroft for his runner-up Molly Malaney, Carbone was one of the first to know. When he posted the spoiler and ended up being correct, people began to follow him in droves. He then began getting regular tips. By 2011, the website was his full-time job.

Where does Reality Steve get his tips?

The draw to Reality Steve for fans of the show is that he always knows what is going to happen before it airs. In most seasons, Carbone even has episode by episode spoilers. So, for people who like to watch Bachelor shows without any of the anxiety of wondering how things turn out, he’s perfect.

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Some of Carbone’s tips come from people calling and emailing him.

“They just wanted to feel a part of it, wanted to feel like they helped out,” Carbone told the outlet of his sources.

In 2011, Carbone was sued after he emailed eliminated contestants and offered to pay them for information. In 2015, he told the NYT that he had never received information from anyone who worked for the show. However, over the weekend, Carbone alluded to the fact that that may no longer be the case.

In an Instagram Q&A, fans asked Carbone a number of revealing questions. They asked if he actually worked for ABC or got paid by the network, among other questions. Carbone denied both of those claims. But there was one question he left unanswered.

When fans asked if Bachelor nation alumni gave him spoilers, Carbone chose not to answer.

What does Steve predict for next season of ‘The Bachelorette’?

*Bachelorette and Bachelor spoilers ahead*

Carbone doesn’t just spoil current seasons of the show, he also makes predictions about the future. In the Jan. 27 post on his site, he revealed The Bachelorette‘s filming location for next season.

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“Yesterday I reported exclusively that the ‘Bachelorette’ would be filming in Canada, but I didn’t know the resort yet,” he wrote. “Within 30 minutes of my post going up, got a tip about it possibly being at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, and I tweeted that out.”

As far as who the Bachelorette will be, he also has some predictions for who may get chosen from Matt James‘ season.

“I gotta believe Bri, Abigail, and Katie are certainly contenders from this season, but I have no idea if [ABC] started talking to them,” he wrote. “Then you can never rule out someone from a past season, whoever that may be. As I hear things I’ll let you know.”