‘The Bachelor’: Which Contestant on Peter Weber’s Season Is a Virgin? A Former Contestant Predicts It’s This Frontrunner

The podcast Chatty Broads with Bekah and Jess often features recaps of current episodes of The Bachelor. Bachelor alum Bekah Martinez (who appeared on Arie’s season) and her co-host Jess Ambrose recently discussed a lingering mystery: who is the rumored virgin on Peter Weber’s season? At the beginning of Pilot Pete’s season, the show teased a big virgin reveal (don’t you love those!). But it still hasn’t happened. Martinez and Ambrose weighed in on which Bachelor Season 24 contestant still has their V-card.

Which contestant on Pilot Pete’s season of ‘The Bachelor’ is a virgin?

Peter Weber and Hannah Ann on The Bachelor
Peter Weber and Hannah Ann Sluss on The Bachelor | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

In the super-tease from the very first episode of The Bachelor, which shows what’s coming up for the rest of the season, one of the soundbites refers to one of the contestants being a virgin.

Like many seasons past, there’s one Bachelor contestant who is a (sarcastic gasp) virgin, and as always, it doesn’t come out until way too late in the game.

On a recent episode of Chatty Broads, Martinez and Ambrose were guessing Weber’s final three women when Martinez gave her virgin prediction.

“I think Hannah Ann if fourth, or third,” Martinez guessed on her podcast. “I think she’s the virgin, for sure.”

“For sure, I could definitely see that,” Ambrose replied.

“Well, after their conversation, just certain things that she said made me think she was probably the virgin,” Martinez explained, referring to Sluss’s one-on-one date with Pilot Pete. “Because she was saying … ‘I wanna save that kind of love … for that person.’

Martinez joked: “I smell a virgin.”

Maybe, the podcast hosts predicted, Sluss leaves the show right before fantasy suites. Around the time everyone else is getting down to clown.

Former ‘Bachelor’ contestant says this evidence from recent episodes why Hannah Ann Sluss is a good bet

Martinez pointed out further evidence for her theory from Sluss’s one-on-one date with Weber.

Hannah Ann on The Bachelor
Hannah Ann Sluss | Maarten de Boer/ABC via Getty Images

It seemed like Sluss had never really thought about what she really wanted out of a relationship, or out of life before, the former Bachelor contestant pointed out. Perhaps that’s why her answers to Weber seemed so “A.I.” as they jokingly referred to it on Chatty Broads.

While Sluss was in a relationship for three and a half years, she told Pilot Pete on her date that she was not in love. And that she had never been in love. This worried Weber.

Martinez and Ambrose seemed to think Sluss is just still finding herself, still young. Maybe, like Hannah Brown, Martinez offered, Sluss will fully come into her own throughout this Bachelor journey.

Martinez says hopefully, Sluss will figure out the kind of person she’s really attracted to versus the person “she’s supposed to be attracted to.”

We would love that journey for Hannah Ann.

Will Hannah Ann be the next Bachelorette?

This season of The Bachelor may go down in history for having the most unlikable cast. In an earlier episode of Chatty Broads, Martinez referred to this season as “unprecedented evil.” As Ambrose and Martinez discussed, who among Pilot Pete’s women wouldn’t be an awful choice for Bachelorette?

“The only really viable one I see from this season is Madison being Bachelorette,” Martinez said, sounding resigned.

Hannah Ann on The Bachelor
Hannah Ann Sluss on the REVOLVE group date on The Bachelor | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

“At this point, whatever, I feel neutral about it,” she said.

“We also have Kelley,” Ambrose interjected.

“What about Hannah Ann?” Martinez offered, saying she “wouldn’t hate it.” She admitted she would “rather have Hannah Ann be the Bachelorette than Hannah B.”

But if we’re really being honest with ourselves, we know we’ll be watching it no matter who it is.