‘The Bachelor’: Who Do Fans Even Like at This Point?

So far, Bachelor Nation doesn’t love Peter Weber’s Bachelor contestants. From pretty early on, fans have been saying this cast just isn’t particularly likable.

Peter Weber's 'Bachelor' contestants | ABC/Craig Sjodin
Peter Weber’s ‘Bachelor’ contestants | ABC/Craig Sjodin

“I’m sorry but these are the most annoying contestants ever. Ugh. Send them all home,” tweeted one fan.

“Can’t stand half of these contestants. Wish this was survivor cus Sydney, Victoria’s, Redhead girl y’all would be goneeeeee. The tribe has spoken,” wrote another.

“I’m fairly open and accepting of pretty much everyone and everything that has happened on previous seasons of The Bachelor…but I think I don’t really like any of the contestants or the bachelor himself very much this season,” tweeted another fan.

Why Bachelor Nation thinks Peter Weber’s contestants are so bad

So why exactly is everyone so annoyed? Lots of fans feel Weber’s contestants simply lack maturity because many of them are so young.

“Most immature group of contestants I ever remember seeing on #thebachelor,” wrote one person.

“Tonight’s episode is a prime example as to why there should be a minimum age for contestants on #TheBachelor,” tweeted another.

“Hey @BachelorABC and @fleissmeister can we have older, or at least more mature contestants in the future please?! This whole episode (and season) is a giant eye roll,” wrote another.

Some people think Weber’s contestants are especially confrontational, even mean.

“No one on this show realizes that their opinions of the other contestants don’t matter. Stay in your lane, mind your business, and stop sh*t talking. LET THE GIRL DRINK,” tweeted one person, referring to the backlash Kelsey Weier received last night from some of the women for drinking.

One fan thinks so many of the contestants are unlikable because they have pageant backgrounds (even though Hannah Brown is a former beauty pageant queen and she was maybe the most popular bachelorette in the show’s history).

“I say we put a ban on all Miss USA contestants applying for the bachelor from now on because they are all the most fake people on this damn show holy f*ck,” they wrote.

Which contestants do ‘Bachelor’ fans like?

Not many of them. With so much drama going on, fans are having a hard time choosing favorites. It seems the only two truly popular contestants this season are Kelley Flanagan and Madison Prewett.

“Group shot of the contestants they got on this season of #TheBachelor,” tweeted one person along with pictures of Kelley, Madison, and a bunch of full trash bags.

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Celebrating that dub

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“Kelley is honest, mature, and blunt. If I were Peter, I wouldn’t be concerned with her intentions compared to some of the other girls still remaining,” wrote another.

“You know who always stays out of drama, purely focused on peter, wholesome and supportive … MADISON YOU DESERVE BETTER,” tweeted another.

Lots of fans appreciate Madison and Kelley for their lack of drama.

“We stan the only true non-dramatic queens of this season,” wrote another, along with pictures of Madison and Kelley.

Will one of these “non-dramatic queens” be awarded Weber’s final rose? Who knows. As of late, Weber seems to have a flare for the dramatic.

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