‘The Bachelor’: Who Is Peter Weber’s Mom Telling Him to Bring Home?

Since the beginning of Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, the show’s been previewing a clip of Peter’s mom, Barbara, crying to her son, telling him to bring someone home. It’s incredibly dramatic and fans can’t wait to find out who it is that has Barbara so worked up.

Peter Weber | Maarten de Boer/ABC via Getty Images
Peter Weber | Maarten de Boer/ABC via Getty Images

Here are some possibilities.

Hannah Brown

Some Bachelor fans are hoping Barbara is telling Peter to bring Hannah Brown home. It became clear that, at least at the beginning of Peter’s season, the two still had feelings for each other. Some fans are thinking Peter goes through his whole season but, in the end, decides to pursue Brown anyway. Barbara knows Brown and the two are still on good terms as far as we know, so it’s not totally impossible.

#TheBachelor conspiracy: Peter’s mom loves Hannah Brown. In the preview she was shown crying saying “just bring her home” …what IF peter gets all the way to the end and realizes he’s still in love with Hannah B and tries to chase her after all of this is over???” tweeted one fan.

However, Brown recently recently told her Instagram following that she’s single, so it’s looking like she doesn’t end up with Peter.


Barbara could also be talking about contestant Madison Prewett. Peter brought Madison on his first one-on-one. The one-on-one that took place at his parents’ vows renewal. Madison got to know the Webers, and Barbara even said that she likes Madison. Maybe the Auburn University graduate left a bigger impression than we even realize and Barbara thinks she’s the one for her son.

“I sure hope with seeing the upcoming scenes that when Peter’s mom is like bring HER home, I hope she is speaking of Madison,” tweeted one fan.

Anyone Barbara forms a strong connection with throughout the season

OK this one is kind of a cop out but there’s just so much room for Barbara to get to know and fall in love with one of The Bachelor‘s other contestants. Typically, the leads parents only meet the final two or three contestants before their son/daughter makes their big choice. But since Mr. and Mrs. Weber live so close to the mansion, they may be popping up here and there throughout the season. If they continue to make appearances, Barbara could absolutely fall in love with a contestant.

No matter what happens, it looks like there’s going to be plenty of drama that occurs between now and that point, so a lot could change. We’re sure Bachelor Nation will keep updating their theories on who Barbara is begging her son to bring home.

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