‘The Bachelor’: Why Barbara Weber Feels the Way She Does About Madison

During the finale of The BachelorPeter Weber’s mom Barbara made it very clear that she wasn’t a fan of Madison Prewett. What could the Bachelor finalist who is saving herself for marriage have possibly done to upset Barbara so? The matriarch of the Weber family aired all of Madi’s dirty laundry in last night’s finale. 

[Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for The Bachelor season finale ahead.]

Barb Weber Madi Prewett
Chris Harrison, Madison Prewett & Peter Weber | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Madi and Peter’s relationship thus far 

This season of The Bachelor hasn’t been an easy journey for Peter or Madison. Despite their initial attraction to each other, it came out too late just how different their lifestyles truly are. The big question was “Can true love conquer all?” leading up to the finale, where Madison would sit down with the Weber family to discuss the future of her relationship with their son

Barbara disliked that Madison made her wait 

During the Mar. 10 finale, host Chris Harrison mentioned Weber’s concern regarding his family’s support. In part one of the finale, Barbara made it clear that she didn’t like Prewett’s ultimatum. She also said she didn’t see a future for Prewett and Weber because their lifestyles were too different. 

When Harrison gave Barbara the floor to defend her actions towards Prewett, she shed some light on what really happened in Australia. Barbara explained: “When I met Madison, it was a rocky road. We waited three hours to meet her and she didn’t apologize.”

What fans saw was a prolonged conversation Prewett needed to have with Weber about where their relationship stood. The fact that it took them three hours to come to terms with each other gives Barb a leg up in this situation. It’s rude to make people wait! 

Barbara’s real issue with Madison Prewett

Sure, Barb was annoyed to have to wait to meet Madi, but she’s not a monster. The two sat down for a heart-to-heart about Pilot Pete. In her explanation to Harrison, Barbara explained how disappointed she was to hear what Madison had to say. 

“When I proceeded to ask her if she was madly in love with my son, she said no, that she wouldn’t accept a proposal in four days,” Barbara said. “As a mother, that wasn’t what we were expecting.” 

Bachelor Nation says Barbara is the new villain

It’s been said that Weber’s season of The Bachelor had an excessive amount of villains. Fans added another villain to the list last night — Barbara Weber. During the finale, a fan tweeted “OMG Peter’s mom was the villain the whole time and she was hating on Madison.”

Bachelor Nation rallied in support of Prewett, who took a lot of heat from Barbara. After hearing that her son was going to give a relationship with Prewett a chance, Barb went as far as to say: “He’s gonna have to fail to succeed. Everyone that knows him knows that it’s not going to work.”

Way harsh, Tai. Despite the fire Barbara created amidst Bachelor Nation, she was only trying to do right by her son. Many fans think she didn’t need to be as cold as she was towards Madison, but that’s a mother’s love for you.