‘The Bachelor’: Why Does Peter Weber Call Kelley Flanagan ‘Chop, Chop?’

The secret is out that Peter Weber is “crushing on” Kelley Flanagan — but he claims they are not dating yet. However, he already has a cute nickname for her. Let’s take a look at how the nickname came about and what they are doing quarantining together, anyway.

Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber
Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Why are Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber quarantining together? 

On March 25, 2020, TMZ posted photos of Weber and Flanagan on the RiverWalk in Chicago together. Fans were outraged that Weber was not social distancing. However, Weber explained on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast that he was quarantining with Flanagan.

“We had been cooped up in Kelley’s apartment for almost a week when that came out,” Weber told the co-hosts of the podcast, Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin.

“We weren’t trying to put it in people’s faces at all,” he continued. “I picked her up and did a little spinny thing just for fun, and then someone got a picture.”

However, fans want to know how the pair reached the point of quarantining together so quickly. Weber broke off his engagement with Hannah Ann Sluss as well as his relationship with Madison Prewett only weeks earlier. 

“It has been very serendipitous,” Weber says of his relationship with Flanagan. “We ran into each other in Miami at the Super Bowl. We ran into each other a third time, out in LA. She has always been supportive of me. Some serious stuff ended up happening with her family. She was by herself, so I decided to fly out, spend some time with her and try to take her mind off of things.” 

The time they spent together must have been going well since he decided to stay and make her apartment in Chicago, his “home base” during the quarantine period. 

Where did Weber’s nickname for Kelley Flanagan come from?

When the co-hosts of the podcast asked where Weber was quarantining, he responded with something odd. 

“In good ol’ chi-town, Chicago, with good ol’ Chop Chop — Kelley — and Dustin.”

Kufrin and Lindsay both laughed and asked why he is calling Flanagan, “Chop Chop.”

“That’s a nickname I have given Kelley,” Weber explained. “In the last episode [of The Bachelor] in Peru, she said, ‘Chop, Chop give me the rose,’ so I call her that now.” 

Are former ‘Bachelor’ Weber and contestant Kelley Flanagan together? 

“We are quarantining together, so we have no choice but to spend all of our time together,” Weber explained. “I’m very grateful for that. I look up to her, and I have so much respect for her.”

The pilot denied claims that they were dating, but when pressed, he admitted that he now knows Flanagan better than he knew either Prewett or Sluss. 

“Yes, I have definitely gotten to know her very well,” Weber said.

He also admitted to Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti on the Almost Famous Podcast that he was “crushing on” Flanagan. If that’s not dating, we’re not sure what is. 

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