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Madison Prewett waited until Fantasy Suites to reveal her stance on sex before marriage to Peter Weber on The Bachelor. This all led to their relationship’s toughest moments. Some fans wondered why she waited so long to tell him. An executive revealed why producers wouldn’t push her to reveal her secret and more.

Madison Prewett waited to tell Peter Weber her secret on ‘The Bachelor’

Fantasy Suites really changed Madison and Weber’s relationship. That’s because she wanted to have an important conversation with him before it.

“If next week if you were to sleep with somebody else it would be really hard for me to really move forward in this,” she said. “And I just feel like I owe it to you to be up front with you and honest with you about that.”

Weber seemed confused by this. Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller called this an ultimatum. The pilot went on to do Fantasy Suites with the other women before his date with Madison. It was on their date she revealed her secret.

She told him that she is waiting until marriage to have sex. “I don’t want to feel like a bad person for the standards that I have,” she told him. “I’m so proud of who I am and the choices that I’ve made and the standards that I have. And it’s been so freaking hard in this because I’ve had to look past a lot of things.”

It’s unclear whether they’ll continue their relationship

Madison broke up with Weber after she spent time with his family. She believed their differences were too much to overcome.

He went on to propose to Hannah Ann, but they also later broke up. This was partially because he still had feelings for Madison. Chris Harrison told her the news in hopes they could try to move forward with their relationship, but it’s unclear if it was successful.

Weber’s mother, Barbara doesn’t approve of their relationship. The pilot also said they will take things “one day at a time.”

Producers didn’t push her to tell him because it was so personal

Madison Prewett on 'The Bachelor'
Madison Prewett on ‘The Bachelor’ | Francisco Roman via Getty Images

Some fans were angry that Madison waited so long to tell Weber her stance on sex before marriage. They also believed she hid it from producers. ABC executive Rob Mills told Variety that producers wouldn’t want to pressure her to tell the pilot her secret for a reason.

“That’s something that’s so personal, I really think it’s Madison’s thing to say,” he said. “Yes, you do have producers who almost become counselors there, and I’m sure they brought it up, but you don’t want to talk Madison into something until she’s ready.”

Mills also answered another question about people on the show being pressured. He was asked if he thought the format of the show put pressure on Weber to propose to Hannah Ann even though he wasn’t ready.

“You do go in and you’re spending this time really just focusing on that with the intention that you want to find the one, and I think it’s pressure more than you put on yourself, more than the format,” Mills answered.

Fantasy Suites certainly had a huge affect on the rest of the season. Time will tell if Weber and Madison will try to move forward together.