‘The Bachelor’: Why ‘Queen’ Victoria Larson Has Been Labeled as This Season’s Villian

It’s not a season of The Bachelor without an accompanying villain to spice it up. We’ve had antagonist characters such as Corinne Olympios, Olivia Caridi, and Jed Wyatt in recent seasons, and this season of the show is no different with one character to shake things up.

The Bachelor premiere on Jan. 4 introduced a new villain, at least according to fans. Victoria Larson’s entrance on the show featured her being carried on a “throne” while wearing a tiara. “I’m Victoria, like the Queen,” she said in her introduction to lead Matt James. “I’m looking for a king with a good heart, so I heard that’s you King Matt.” She then placed a crown on James’ head and proceeded to dub herself “Queen Victoria” in an in-the-moment interview and while introducing herself to other contestants. Larson then tripped on the stairs following her first interaction with James.

The contestant was shown speaking to the lead multiple times, causing other women to voice their grievances with her to others. Fans took to social media to express their disapproval when James rewarded Larson’s behavior with a rose at the end of the episode.

Queen Victoria Larson The Bachelor
Matt James and Victoria Larson on ‘The Bachelor’ | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

Who is ‘Queen’ Victoria Larson?

Larson stood out among the dozens of other women on the show right away due to her bold personality. But if you’re wondering who Larson is, the ABC website has a cast bio about her that helps give context to this 27-year-old contestant.

She loves meditation and spirituality, as well as the beverage Aperol Spritz and her Goldendoodle Coco. Larson’s bio states that she has “no filter” and that her love language is physical touch.

Larson is a career-minded and entrepreneurial woman who owns a few businesses, according to the site. Her Instagram bio states that she is the owner of JetSetGlo, which is a business centered around spray tanning, health coaching, and pilates.

How fans reacted to Larson’s behavior on the show

From Larson’s immediate confidence and her refusal to play by the show’s rules by visiting James multiple times in the first episode, it’s easy to compare her to Olympios in Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor. But just like Olympios was a polarizing figure, it appears that Larson has caused a similar divide among audiences.

“Me reminding myself that Victoria isn’t gonna win and she’s only here to create drama,” one fan posted on Twitter, with an accompanying photo of former contestant Madison Prewett looking distressed.

“Mentally preparing myself for another week of Victoria,” another fan said.

Even former contestant Diggy Moreland voiced his opinion on Larson. “He could’ve chosen a lamp over Victoria and I would’ve been fine with it,” he said.

People speculated that producers were behind Larson receiving the last rose of the night

Fans and former contestants weighed in on James calling Larson’s name at the rose ceremony, which secured her spot as a contestant for at least another week. People discussed that maybe the final rose of the night wasn’t actually James’ decision, but the producers’ instead.

Brett Vergara, who hosts The Bachelor podcast Baby Got Bach, joked: “Wait what?! Queen Victoria got a rose? I can’t believe that was entirely Matt’s decision and not at all a producer rose!”

Demi Burnett, who was on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, tweeted: “Congrats Victoria you got the producer drama rose!”

Another fan commented on the situation: “The producers absolutely made Matt James pick Victoria. No shot she stays otherwise.”

While Larson’s connection with James didn’t seem as strong as the ones he had with other women, “Queen Victoria” will definitely be a name we remember this season, no matter how long she stays on the show.

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