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The first impression rose winner gives a taste of what the Bachelorette is looking for in a man and who is the frontrunner at the beginning of the season. But Season 14 has a rocky start, given the winner got into hot water because of his social media activity.

Since that activity has been reported the winner, Becca Kufrin, and an ABC executive have come forward to talk about the controversy. Here are seven things to know, including Kufrin’s response to the situation (page 5).

1. Garrett Yrigoyen’s Instagram was caught liking offensive posts

Garrett Yrigoyen on The Bachelorette
Garrett Yrigoyen on The Bachelorette | ABC
  • The winner was caught liking posts making fun of immigrants and shooting survivors. 

Kufrin gave Yrigoyen the first impression rose after he came to the mansion in a minivan and fishing in a fountain together. But it didn’t take long for fans to find offensive activity on his Instagram account.

He reportedly liked posts comparing “conservative women” to “leftist women,” jokedsabout throwing kids over a wall at the border and a transphobic post putting Caitlyn Jenner’s before and after pictures on men and women’s restroom doors.

At first, there was a question as to whether the account was truly Yrigoyen’s, but he has come forward and taken responsibility for the account. This is shocking for multiple reasons — including that Kufrin is open about her left-leaning politics. She participated in the Women’s March and posted a picture showing she hopes Joe Biden will run in 2020.

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