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Oct. 10 is World Mental Health Day. To commemorate the day, Hannah Brown shared a vulnerable post on Instagram about her own journey with her mental health. Her post received praise from fans of The Bachelorette, showing that many found Brown’s words to be comforting.

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown | Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Hannah Brown posted about her mental health

In her Instagram post, Brown wrote about how she first began dealing with her mental health after years of struggling.

“‘Are you happy Hannah?’ I will never forget that seemingly simple question that came with a heavy answer at an annual doctor’s appointment going into my junior year of college. I’m the girl that is always wearing a smile! How dare he ask?! But oh, thank God he did,” Brown wrote on Instagram.

She continued, “‘No…. I’m not. I don’t even remember the last time I felt happy. And I don’t know why. I have reason to be happy, but I just can’t really feel it,’ I said… Admitting I wasn’t okay, and acknowledging my silent, hostage struggle with anxiety and depression through my crocodile tears was a pivotal day for me.”

Hannah Brown’s mental health journey

On The Bachelorette, fans loved Brown for her honesty. After breaking off her engagement with Jed Wyatt, Brown has spent the past year discovering herself and working on her own mental health. Now, the former Bachelorette is settled in Los Angeles.

However, she admitted in her Instagram post that her journey has not always been easy. At times, she experienced backsliding in her mental health. In her Instagram post, Brown reminded fans that healing is filled with ups and downs, writing:

“… several times in my progress, I have had setbacks; many being the overflow of not observing, in private, the gradual buildup of the hurtful, impactful emotions which consequently spewed into some, more public, relapses of destructive behavior.  
Today on #WorldMentalHealthDay remember that progress in mental health is a journey with hills and valleys. Our whole world has been through a valley of fear and hurt this year. Be gentle with yourself. Be humble during the process. You aren’t going to always get it right and you will make mistakes, but you—just as you are, are enough. You matter. Ask for help. You are worthy of being able to answer the ‘are you happy?’ question and to say yes, regardless of the circumstances that would usually take your mind and soul captive. You got this. We’ve got this. You aren’t alone.”


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What fans thought of the post

On social media, fans praised Brown for her honesty. By being so vulnerable on social media, fans were encouraged to talk about their own mental health and felt reassured about their own progress.

“Love that she shared this… I really appreciate when BN/celebs/public figures are honest about mental health struggles. Makes me feel less alone,” a Reddit user wrote.

“This a beautiful post. I hope some of her followers who are struggling with mental health read this and get help that they need. I so appreciate how she discusses the pitfalls in her recovery; it is really an ongoing process and probably not going to be linear. I’m so happy so many people in BN are sharing their issues,” wrote a Reddit user.