‘The Bachelorette’ Season 14: Clay Harbor Talks Quitting the Show After Getting Injured

Becca Kufrin just can’t catch a break on The Bachelorette. She had to address a controversy with one of her men liking offensive posts on Instagram. Also, it turns out another dated Tia Booth from The Bachelor. So there hasn’t been a week without drama.

This week was no different with Tia Booth coming on the show and having to address her secret weekend with Colton Underwood. Then there were multiple injuries. David Ravitz had to be rushed to the hospital for falling out of his bunk bed, and Clay Harbor left the show due to injuring his wrist.

Here are seven things to know about Harbor quitting The Bachelorette, including what he said about the situation (page 5).

1. Clay Harbor injures his wrist on football group date

Clay Harbor smiling while wrapping his arm around Rebecca Kufrin.

An unexpected thing happened while on a group day. | Clay Harbor via Instagram

  • This group date got too rough and took the football player out of the competition.

Every season, there is a football group date and this season was no different. But the stakes were a bit different, given Harbor actually played in the NFL. It seemed like he was holding back for most of the game probably to avoid getting injured, but when his team was losing, he began kicking it into high gear.

This backfired when he tried stiff-arming an opponent on the field. He immediately felt like he did something to his wrist and had to quit the game. At first, he had a good sense of humor about the situation.

“I got hurt playing football on The Bachelorette. That’s pretty funny. I was in a vulnerable state and Becca taking care of me made me feel special and connected to her. I wanted to get a chance to see her tonight and tell her how I feel,” he said on the show.

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2. Harbor decides to leave the show

Rebecca Kufrin sitting next to Clay Harbor.

One contestant down | Clay Harbor via Instagram

  • The athlete decided to leave to increase his chances of returning to the NFL.

Although it seemed like Harbor would continue with the show with his arm in a sling, he decided to leave. He pointed out that football is how he supports himself and his family, so he needed to get better.

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3. Harbor is currently a free agent

Clay Harbor in a black tuxedo.

He hopes to get picked up by a new team. | Clay Harbor via Instagram

  • The free agent has yet to be picked up by a new team.

The football player is currently a free agent tight end. He was on reserve last season due to an injury while he was on the Saints.

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4. Harbor reveals Colton Underwood, Blake Horstmann, and Garrett Yrigoyen are the top three to win

Colton Underwood on a red carpet.

Colton Underwood is among Harbor’s favorite picks. | Jesse Grant/Getty Images

  • Harbor has interesting reasons why these three are at the top.

Now that Harbor is out of the running for Kufrin’s heart, he is starting to weigh in on who are the frontrunners this season.

He likened Colton Underwood to the Patriots by being the favorite, Blake Horstmann to the Eagles by being the defending champion, and Garrett Yrigoyen as the Jaguars, who might surprise people on Good Morning Football.

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5. Harbor said leaving was the hardest decision he had to make

Rebecca Kufrin and the contestants.

He was very invested in the show. | Clay Harbor via Instagram

  • Harbor tweeted that leaving wasn’t easy.

The football player tweeted about making the decision after the episode aired. “I want to thank everyone for the love and support! Definitely the hardest decision I’ve ever made but I believe everything happens for a reason. I am working hard to get back on the field and turn this negative into a positive,” he wrote.

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6. He tweeted that he doesn’t regret doing the show

Clay Harbor's tweet.

Clay Harbor tweeted out a statement. | Clay Harbor via Twitter

  • It sounds like Harbor would do everything the same.

Although the football player said the decision was hard, he has zero regrets. “I have to thank the whole @BacheloretteABC family for an amazing experience in hindsight I don’t regret my decision to come on and would gladly give my wrist for a chance at love,” he tweeted.

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7. He says he is ready to return to football

Clay Harbor during a football game.

Harbor will be following one of his biggest passions. | Clay Harbor via Instagram

  • Harbor wants to get back on the field.

The football player started talking about how he bounced back from the injury. He tweeted, “That being said the show was filmed months ago and after a tough rehab I am finally ready to play some football. I look forward to finding a team and seeing you all on NFL Sunday’s. Thanks for all thoughts and prayers!”

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